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Data Lake And BI: What They Can Do For Your Business

Data Lake and BI are topics that are increasingly present in organizations. After all, the volume of data generated daily by a company and the interactions between it and its audience is enormous.

And that information needs to be stored securely, accessed easily, handled properly, and used wisely. Currently, there are two tools that, together, can cover all these needs: Data Lake and Business Intelligence.

They are essential to use this large volume of data as a competitive differentiator and:

  • Increase intelligence in decision making;
  • Better align business strategies;
  • Elevate the customer experience with these actions.

Thus, by adopting these solutions, we arrive at the consequence that every manager wants: to obtain better results.

In this context, we will explain using Data Lake and Business Intelligence. We will also show how these tools are essential for a company to operate strategically with the data they generate and collect.

Data Lake: Understand What It Is And What Are Its Benefits

Data Lake is a space in the cloud that can be hired and has enormous data storage capacity in the proportion necessary for each business.

Thus, a company can store its information and organize it for easy access. This is because they are essential inputs for decision-making and gain valuable insights for developing strategies and improving processes and customer experience.

Another essential feature of a Data Lake is that it allows simultaneous access to information. It also stores data centrally to allow analysis to be done more easily and quickly.

In addition, it is also possible to add functionality to a Data Lake to improve data organization.

For example, through descriptions and keywords about the information stored in them. Thus, it increases the speed of the search for qualified and essential data for a specific objective.

In this way, when using the services of a Data Lake, the company has at its disposal high storage power, compatible with any data format.

It also has real-time availability (24×7) and simultaneous raw data access and delivery. In other words, the Data Lake allows for a more simplified analysis by anyone with authorized access using different platforms.

To understand the power of Data Lake and Business Intelligence, discover the full potential of BI.

Business Intelligence: An Efficient Strategy To Transform Data Into Powerful Insights

Business Intelligence, or BI, is a concept that aims to transform large volumes of organizational data into elements for strategic decision-making.

For this, it uses collection, organization, analysis, monitoring and data sharing processes so that they can collaborate in the management of a business.

BI involves technologies and methodologies that enable the application of automated analytical techniques. Thus, finding patterns, trends, and social behavior in the colossal volume of data available on the web is possible.

That’s why data lake and business intelligence are crucial for business success. In this way, we can logically interpret information, using intelligent processes that generate insights to improve the operational flows of the business, its products and services.

With Business Intelligence, it can operate leanly, leaving managers more time to develop strategies with high precision. And also more compatible with the expectations/needs of the company’s target audience.

In addition, the analyzes performed using the BI guidelines give the company the ability to evaluate the performance of its teams. Collectively and individually to find bottlenecks, actions and strategies that need to be improved.

Thus, the organization has beneficial information to reformulate processes, speed up and improve decision-making assertiveness.

Data Lake And Business Intelligence – Benefits

With the market and society in the digital age, uniting Data Lake and Business Intelligence, and integrating them into the organizational culture, is indispensable.

After all, they provide greater intelligence and agility to increase competitiveness, customer experience and, consequently, significant improvement in results. Among the main advantages of applying Data Lake and Business Intelligence are:

  • Better data management;
  • Reduce costs, time and risks;
  • Detect errors that went unnoticed and affect the company’s performance, both in processes and in meeting customer expectations;
  • Evaluate the productivity of teams through performance indicators and metrics;
  • Develop optimized products and offers;
  • Elevate the customer experience;
  • Accurately control expenses, as well as having a broad view of expenses;
  • Increase competitiveness with a holistic view of all business processes.

Find The Right Partner To Benefit From Data Lake And Business Intelligence In Your Business

We saw your company’s full potential in using Data Lake and Business Intelligence. However, it is essential to find the right partner to operate intelligently, with tools that deliver competitiveness and better results.

A company that offers quality services and delivers precisely what you need in a personalized way to meet the needs of the business and its target audience.

In this way, bringing together qualified personnel with our mission and knowledge, we are experts in Cloud Computing with the ability to act in all layers of cloud services.

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