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Does The Instagram Update Show Who Visited Your Profile?

It’s fake! The information that Instagram update will show who visited your profile has gone viral on the internet, but it is false. Several users took to the other social networks to make jokes and complain about the possible functionality.

The rumor emerged after an image circulated on the internet, showing what would be the novelty. In it, a notification warned that some people had visited the profile. Such a tool would be similar to what happens on LinkedIn and as it was on Orkut.

Will the new Instagram update bring this functionality? In this article, we answer this and other questions. So, keep reading!

Will Instagram Show Who Visited The Profile?

The new Instagram update will not show who has visited your profile. Instagram did not make any official announcement about the news. In addition, it is possible to perceive that the source used in the image that circulates on the internet is not the one used by the social network.

What Was The Last Instagram Update?

The last Instagram update was released in May 2022, bringing several new features to its users. It was made available for both Android and iOS.

What Changes With The New Instagram Update?

The new Instagram update brought several new features, such as a change in visuals, adding a font, and a new way of viewing Reels. See what has changed below!

According to the Instagram blog, the gradient has been revamped with 3D modeling; the rise was redone with 3D modeling to make it livelier and brighter. It consists of the brand colors and the base of the palette system. 

“Through the lighting, the gradient signals moments of discovery in our marketing, logo, and even the app, as seen in Instagram Story’s Create mode, stickers, and rings,” the company explained.

A New Font Has Been Created

The Instagram Sans font is yet another novelty in the pack of the new Instagram update. Users will be able to use it in Stories and Reels. Furthermore, the goal is to make the new font globally accessible.

“We partnered with language experts from around the world to adopt the typeface to global scripts, including Arabic, Thai, and Japanese,” he said.

Reels Are Full Screen

The Instagram update also changed the way to view Reels. With the change, they are displayed on full screen. According to the social network, the proposal is to value users’ creativity.

What Will Be The Tools And Resources For Parents And Teens On Instagram?

Instagram announced parental supervision tools on the social network. The announcement was made in June on the company’s blog. With the news, parents will be able to:

  • send invitations to teens to supervise. Previously, only teenagers could do this;
  • set specific times during the day or week to limit the use of the social network by teenagers;
  • access information where the teen reported a profile or post, including who was written and the type of report.

For now, the novelty is available in the United States. However, it has already become available in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Canada, France, and Germany. Instagram has promised that it will be available to everyone by the end of the year.

For teenagers, the social network also announced new features. In some countries, they will receive a notification encouraging them to switch to another topic if they repeatedly see the same type of content in Explore.

The goal, according to Instagram, is to motivate teens to discover something new and exclude topics that may be associated with comparing looks. 

Another tool made available notifies teens to remember to take a break from Instagram. Reminders will have tips on why getting off social media for a bit is a good idea. This feature is being tested in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

As you can see, the Instagram update will not show who has visited your profile. However, it brought much other news that users can already view.

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