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9 Instagram Features That Can Improve Customer Experience

Instagram has made so many updates in the last few months that it’s hard to keep up. Now and then, new Instagram features, new tools, and new functionality are released.

So how do you know what you can use as part of a content marketing strategy? In this post, we’re going to reveal 9 Instagram features that can improve your customer experience. After all, Instagram is becoming a massive part of the sales funnel. You will read about:


The bio strategy is one of the Instagram features that many people underestimate. It would help if you wrote a strategic biography that makes sense as a company. Otherwise, your customers will not understand your niche or your purpose. Try to write short sentences that summarize what you do and who your product/service is.

In addition, it is interesting to provide a link to your website. And if you don’t have a website, you can create an Insta Website through the milkshake app to put all your valuable links there, directing your visitors to other branded social networks.

Another critical point is the contact button in the bio, which is only available for business profiles or content creators. You can enter your email there or on your WhatsApp. That way, your customer can practically contact you.


Stories are another essential feature, no doubt. You can communicate with your customer through them, show the company behind the scenes, and even invite them to interact. Videos are an essential part of the platform, as they help to humanize companies, generating consumer identification.


The reel is a new feature on Instagram gaining more and more popularity. It mimics the short videos, allowing you to make 15 or 30-second recordings. Unlike stories, Reels appear in the feed, and they recently gained a new exclusive tab for them in the app, where you can view multiple Reels by swiping up.


Like Reels and Stories, IGTV is content in video format. However, it is longer and was made to compete with YouTube. It contains more complex content, and because it adds so much value, it can be advantageous in B2-B markets.

Also, influencers and creators are sure to benefit significantly from it in the future as Instagram aims to monetize IGTV. Therefore, ads for this format will be another exciting ad within paid media.


The number of lives on Instagram increased dramatically after the beginning of the pandemic; after all, people are more at home and more online. Lives can serve as a great marketing strategy for info producers. They allow live interaction and can function as free classes or events.

Your customers will be able to answer all their questions in real-time, and this is very valuable, as they will have all their attention focused on them.

Instagram Shopping

We’ve already seen some Instagram features that involve videos, but now let’s get into something a little different: Instagram Shopping.

Instagram Shopping is a feature that helps you create a virtual store within Instagram. Using it will have a catalog inside your profile with all your products. The customer clicks on a product, and he will be automatically taken to your eCommerce to make the purchase.

Plus, you can tag your products in your photos and stories while shopping. In this way, the visitor who clicks on the tag will be taken to the virtual store. It’s a super easy and practical way to promote your products.


Guides are one of the latest Instagram features. It is a tab that appears in the profile of commercial and creator accounts, where you can curate content. You can create folders of different categories and add your content there or add content from partner profiles.

This tool brings a more organized form of consumer content. If you talk about more than one subject on your Instagram and your client is only interested in subject x, he can go to the guides and click on a folder where it is only content about that. That way, he doesn’t get lost amid so many posts already made.


Whether you are a company or an influencer, you can have your filters on Instagram. You know those augmented reality effects you see in your stories? These are the famous filters! Today, many brands hire a filter designer to make their effect. Customers who use it will automatically disclose the profile. Filters go viral quickly. Therefore, you may end up gaining more followers and strengthening your branding.

Push Notification

You probably get notifications from various apps or websites, correct? Instagram also has this feature: you can enable push notifications for any profile to get a reminder when that person posts something. This feature of Instagram is very advantageous since the social network only delivers your posts to 5% of the followers.

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