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Examples Of Practical Applications Of AI

An example of the practical applications of AI for business is in customer service. Nowadays, it is increasingly common to see companies and government agencies using chatbots to streamline support via applications or social networks, reducing response time and resolving the questions of the public that uses this type of communication more quickly.

AI can also be used in the programming of digital robots, called web crawlers e web scrapers that collect and structure data from the sources indicated. This way, the data is delivered 100% up-to-date and in real-time, at a pace impossible to execute by humans.

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter use Artificial Intelligence to filter the content they post automatically. As new posts are made to everyone, filtering all the content manually would be a real mission impossible. Besides suggesting more relevant and personalized content to users, the filtering work also allows users to automatically identify which posts violate the platforms’ terms of use.

We can even cite AI as a great ally when discussing accessibility. This is because it is thanks to AI that technologies that transcribe speech into text have become increasingly accurate, facilitating access to devices such as computers and mobile phones for people with disabilities.

Benefits Of AI For Business

One of the main advantages of Artificial Intelligence is that it is versatile enough to be applied in different contexts.

One such context is fraud prevention. Banks and other financial institutions can train an AI to become able to identify and block suspicious activity, preventing potential fraud on an ongoing basis.

The use of Artificial Intelligence also makes it possible to optimize activities, which increases productivity in organizations. With fewer manual errors and better time allocation, it is possible to increase productivity and improve the quality of results.

While AI allows for increased productivity, its use also reduces costs. By automating repetitive activities, organizations save resources by saving on energy costs and staff training, for example.

The Programming Languages Of Artificial Intelligence

Programming languages are the tools we use to write instructions that computers will follow. With these languages, we can “translate,” in a certain way, the zeros and ones that computers understand so well.

A programming language can be classified as low-level or high-level. Low-level languages are those closer to binary language, that is, the zeros and ones that computers understand. On the other hand, high-level ones are closer to how humans communicate, using words in their instructions.

Learn more about some of the most commonly used programming languages for Artificial Intelligence.

  • Python: is a language with a concrete characteristic, its universality, which allows it to have a wide variety of applications. Many tools needed to work with this language are in the public domain, dramatically lowering the barrier to access.
  • Java: is widely used in the creation of algorithms. Codes programmed in Java work on any platform without recompilation, as long as the platform has Java support.
  • C/C++ is one of the fastest languages, providing less response and conversion time between programming and machine languages.

Language Libraries For AI

In addition to choosing the most appropriate programming language for the project one wishes to develop, working with Artificial Intelligence also involves dealing with essential tools for the technology to be created or implemented in the best possible way.

One such tool is Scikit-learn, a Machine Learning library built on the Python language. It contains various classification, regression, and clustering algorithms and computations for AI tasks and data mining.

Another widely used library is Tensor Flow, developed by an internal research division of Google. It focuses on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and can be used in Python, C++, and Java, among other languages.

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