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Artificial Intelligence In HR Processes

Artificial Intelligence in HR: With the rise of technology, many companies began investing in tools and solutions that automate HR routines to reduce errors and speed up slow bureaucratic processes. 

It is in this context that artificial intelligence emerges in the sector. With AI applied to HR, it is possible to find patterns of employee behavior that help improve company results, make better decisions and understand problems such as low performance and productivity. 

Artificial intelligence crosses data and helps HR perform informed analysis to ensure more efficient recruitment and selection, training and development, and job engineering. 

Impacts Of Artificial Intelligence Applied To HR

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence in HR processes impacts the sector itself and the organization and its employees in general. Regarding the industry, it is possible to highlight that AI:

  • automates slow and repetitive operational processes;
  • minimizes bureaucracy and allows professionals to focus on more strategic action;
  • facilitates decision making, bringing accurate and reliable information;
  • streamlines selection processes.

Regarding the organization, artificial intelligence reduces the chances of errors in the processes, enabling a preliminary analysis of risks and ensuring more agility and precision in executing tasks. 

The impact of AI on employees concerns feedback, which can be applied based on accurate information.

In addition, the tool helps HR to identify training and development demands, bringing more possibilities for professional growth for those being led. 

Primary Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In HR

Artificial intelligence can be incorporated into many HR processes. Among the main applications, we can highlight: 

  • recruitment and selection processes;
  • organization of training;
  • journey control;
  • monitoring of indicators ;
  • job engineering;
  • behavioral analysis;
  • organizational climate.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In HR

As we have seen, artificial intelligence in HR processes facilitates various routines, bringing numerous benefits to the sector. Next, we will explain these advantages in depth. 

Facilitates The Creation Of Effective Strategies

With artificial intelligence, HR works with factual data, making the operation more efficient as it helps recognize patterns and trends. 

In this way, it is possible to create strategies and action plans that are much more effective and aimed at solving real problems and developing areas that need more significant investments. 

Help In Decision Making

The data provided by AI also helps managers and leaders to make their decisions in a more agile and informed way, avoiding hasty attitudes based on guesswork and prejudice. 

As the information already reaches the analysts organized, the analysis becomes more straightforward and efficient, avoiding errors and interpretations and guaranteeing better results. 

Reduces Costs

Before the incorporation of artificial intelligence into HR processes, many professionals in the department had to work overtime to handle numerous repetitive, time-consuming, and bureaucratic tasks.

All this demand generated high operating costs for the organization. In addition, hiring processes and people management errors also generate costs for the organization due to high turnover rates and low productivity and engagement.

Streamlines Processes

HR software with artificial intelligence makes processes much more agile and dynamic, allowing analysts more time to manage strategic people.

Take, for example, recruitment and selection. Suppose before; it was necessary to spend hours manually analyzing candidate CVs today. In that case, the system has already performed a preliminary analysis and crossed data and keywords to select the candidates that best fit the open positions. 

Increases Productivity

Artificial intelligence makes the Human Resources sector much more productive and efficient within the organization, allowing for a much more strategic and results-oriented management. 

In this way, professionals in the area no longer assume only repetitive and bureaucratic tasks, providing the rest of the company with relevant information for the progress of activities and gaining more prominence within the business.

Areas Of HR Where Artificial Intelligence Can Be Found

So far, we have seen that Artificial Intelligence positively impacts the entire enterprise. But, in practice, in which HR processes can it be applied for the best results? Below, we list some main routines that can benefit from the tool; check it out!

Recruitment And Selection

With an intelligent HR platform, it is possible to automatically optimize and control the screening of resumes, selecting only those professionals who fit the profile sought by the company. 

Artificial Intelligence can also be used to map behavioral profiles, helping HR understand each candidate’s skills and characteristics and whether they strategically meet the needs of the position, both in terms of soft skills and hard skills.

In addition, the ideal software helps HR to automate several stages of the process through chatbots, such as interviews, tests, and dynamics, ensuring a more agile and efficient pre-selection. 

Journey Control

Another process that can benefit from artificial intelligence is journey control. This is one of the most bureaucratic HR tasks and needs to be handled carefully. That’s because a bit of carelessness can make the analyst miss the calculation of payroll, overtime, and discounts, for example, which can lead to labor lawsuits. 

In this way, intelligent tools are essential to provide efficient support and automate this routine, avoiding human errors and providing accurate information about work time, delays, and absences of employees. 

Training And Development

AI also helps HR to clearly understand the weaknesses and strengths of employees, helping to plan practical training and development actions. 

With the data collected by the HR platforms, the company can act much more effectively, eliminating expenses directed to inadequate training and evaluating the results obtained more efficiently.

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