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Facebook Ads: Understand The Importance

Facebook Ads: Currently, 85% of the population uses the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook. India has about 100 million active users per month on the platform, and, for this very reason, the social network is extremely interesting for companies.

Having a company page on Facebook and using Facebook Ads is one of the top digital marketing strategies, providing positive results for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Investing in content and ads on the platform is advantageous and profitable for companies. And for paid ads, which are the ones that appear prominently on users’ screens, Facebook provides an exclusive tool to its users: Facebook Ads. With affordable plans and benefits, such as increasing the reach of posts and segmentation by age or gender, among other target audience characteristics, the resource has been efficient in promoting brands and companies.

Even though it is easy to understand, when it comes to Facebook Ads, many people are in doubt about how to use this tool. Keep reading this post, and we have helpful information to help you! See below:

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is a tool for advertising on Facebook. With it, it is possible to hire ads that appear in a prominent position on the social network most used. In addition, with paid ads on the platform, it is possible to run a local campaign and show your products, services, and content precisely to the people who make up the target audience of your physical company.

With Facebook Ads, in addition to promoting the popularity of physical companies, it is also possible to get more readers for a blog, website, or news portal, increase sales of virtual stores and gain more followers on the social network. Widely used by specialists in digital marketing, the tool has several resources for you to have a successful Facebook advertising campaign and, in this way, increase your company’s reach on the internet.

What Are The Advantages Of Advertising On Facebook?

  • Conquer more customers with the help of the social network most used;
  • Being able to segment paid ads, with filters such as age, gender, and city, among others, so that they appear precisely for Internet users with the highest chance of purchase/click;
  • Affordable plans for all budgets;
  • Facebook Ads is a tool for professionals and companies of all areas and sizes;
  • more popularity for your business for less.

How Much Do You Need To Invest In Advertising On Facebook?

Facebook does not put a fixed price on your ads. That way, you choose how much you will pay for the Cost Per Click (CPC) in Facebook Ads. Each time a social network user clicks on your ad, you will have to pay a specific amount. You choose the CPC amount and the daily limit you can spend. With this control, you can measure your expenses and decide how much can be invested per day.

Let’s say that you, for example, chose to pay BRL 0.15 per click and set the maximum limit per day to be BRL 15. In this case, Ads. will show your ads until you reach R$15. The tool will display your ads until it gets around 30 clicks daily.

How To Increase The Reach Of Your Audience?

On Ads, you have an option to pay more and increase the reach of your ads on the platform. In addition, it is also possible to increase the reach of your posts by advertising on Facebook with authentic and original content, which arouses the interest of your target audience and improves the user experience.

Invest in professional ads designed and targeted according to your company’s main goals on Facebook. Make professional posts with good images of your products and information about your services. Reconciling paid ads on the social network with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies is still the best way to get excellent results from your digital marketing investments.

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