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How To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy On Different Platforms?


Social Media Marketing: Facebook is the most popular social network on the planet, with over 2.7 billion active users worldwide. 130 million people maintain a profile on the platform.

Facebook timeline updates are dynamic. Each user receives content according to what he likes or accesses the most. This is how Facebook judges to show the most relevant content for each type of user, using a robust algorithm capable of absorbing information about each person’s browsing.

Therefore, we do not always see all publications from certain pages. We receive updates from those we interact with the most. With this algorithm that shapes each user’s timeline, Facebook becomes a social network where quality trumps quantity. It is recommended that publications are relevant and moderate in amount.


Instagram is another viral social network that reached the 1 billion users marked in 2018. The main particularities are that it is a network made to be used by mobile devices and focused on images and videos.

Companies can take advantage of Instagram to strengthen their brands, posting behind-the-scenes photos, day-to-day, of the team, and course, publicizing their products or services — the more visual appeal the offer has, the more visual appeal the offer has more pull the content will have on the network. 


LinkedIn is the world’s largest corporate social network. It is very similar to relationship networks, but the difference is that the focus is professional networking. Instead of friends, we have connections, and instead of pages, we have companions.

Many companies use it to recruit professionals and exchange professional experiences in communities and other activities related to the corporate world. On Company Pages, you can also publish exciting content for your target audience, such as tips related to your market.


YouTube is the most popular video streaming network. It has more than 2 billion users, almost a third of all Internet users.

Although YouTube intends to broadcast videos, the site is still a social network since you can, with your Google account, interact with other people, follow channels and write comments.

Companies can utilize the platform to publish institutional videos, tips, webinars, excerpts from lectures and event broadcasts. The possibilities are many!


Twitter is a social network of an immediate nature, characterized by updates on events in real-time. It is also considered a second screen, as users often use it to comment on what is on television, such as news, reality shows, football games and awards. Since 2017, it has allowed posts with up to 280 characters.

Twitter’s priority is to show you what’s happening right now, even because the feed is updated chronologically. It is a social network that can generate a lot of traffic for any company, even those that do not have this “last-minute” information character.

It is also a critical audience relationship tool with options to share posts (retweets), mention other profiles in an update, and respond to users.

Other Social Networks

Above, we mentioned the main social networks at the moment and the ones we use here at RD. However, other networks have great results for different types of business, such as Pinterest, a visual tool where you can find creative ideas for all the projects that interest you, which is popular with the younger audience.

The secret is to think of a different strategy for each social network. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t automate tasks like automatic posts and schedules, but think each network has a foreign language. Uniting these different goals is a factor that should differentiate your business.

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