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How To Design A Social Media Strategy In 8 Steps?

Social Media Strategy: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube… These sites play a significant role in a B2B development logic. They are great growth accelerators as long as an ad hoc social network strategy is first developed.

Brands and companies have everything to gain by carrying out targeted and repeated communication actions. The result is several advantages: increased visibility, lead generation, acquisition of new customers, marketing engagement, etc.

Take Stock Of Your Social Media Situation

 other words, ask yourself the following questions: where is your business? Where is your brand?

  • What is its degree of visibility?
  • How big is your community of leads and customers?
  • Who are your main competitors? What do they do? What do they say?
  • What results does social media generate for your activity?

Define Goals For Your Social Media Strategy 

There is no point in getting started in social media without having defined objectives! This is like navigating by sight. And therefore to go straight into the wall.

Reflecting on the definition of objectives to be achieved makes it possible to draw up a roadmap. Be sure to set the most precise qualitative and quantitative objectives possible.

Some examples :

  • acquisition of 8 leads per month
  • increase in site traffic by 25% per quarter
  • gain of 5 new customers per semester…

If you do not yet know what the priority objectives to aim for, understand that the Social Media Examiner study brings out three main advantages of a presence on social networks are:

  • the development of brand visibility to 89%
  • increase in traffic for 75%
  • customer loyalty at 68%

How to set your goals? In inbound marketing, a formidable method of efficiency is the SMART method.

What’s behind this clever acronym? The fact that your objectives must be both:

Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Temporal.

Target Your Audience 

successful social media strategy targets the right person! This is again one of the fundamental principles of inbound marketing. It would help to speak to your buyer persona, namely your typical customer, your priority target.

To sketch your buyer persona, sweep as wide as possible.

  • Who is this typical customer?
  • What info does he need?
  • What are his expectations? His pain points?
  • What is its main problem?
  • What services or products does he desperately need?
  • What about its characteristics and habits?

By carrying out this work, you will design a speech perfectly adapted to his profile. And you will also be able to know where to find it. On which networks to see him and when to contact him.

Edit An Editorial Schedule 

editing an editorial calendar is essential.

This allows you to follow a precise timing to have a clear overview of the current steps and the actions to come.

Plan your actions and your publications for the week, the month, the quarter, the year. 

Adapt The Form And Tone Of Messages

Social networks each have their uniqueness. Therefore, it will be necessary to adapt the form of the message that you will broadcast there.

  • YouTube is made for posting videos.
  • Twitter forces conciseness with 280-character posts, an ideal post format for brands that allows the platform to count 6,000 tweets every second! (according to Live Internet Stats )
  • Instagram is for photos (and short videos)
  • LinkedIn allows you to create discussion groups, relay articles, share infographics, etc.

Social Media Strategy: Homogenize The Language

One of the strengths of social media is that it allows you to develop your branding.

Also, make sure that your communication’s language, tone, and angle are consistent across different platforms.

The goal? Convey the same brand image to your target, regardless of the network! The consistency of your marketing strategy and the positive impact it will have on your leads and customers depend on it.

Offer Rich, Varied, Abundant Content

Social media is a dream point of contact with your customers and prospects in a broader inbound marketing strategy.

As a result, your presence on social networks must meet the same imperative as content marketing. To know how to offer varied and rich content both in content and form!

In short, give your audience what they expect to satisfy their hunger: the content of different kinds!

Social Media Strategy: Stay In The Loop! 

In other words: post regularly, update information, be responsive!

The most successful brands on social media are those that dedicate time every day, if not several times a week, to their social media activity.

Post frequently – hence the importance of the schedule! –share, comment, reply, like, tweet….

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