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How To Develop Technological Intelligence In Organizations?

Technological Intelligence: With digital transformation on the way, companies cannot prepare to adopt technology solutions. They need to rethink the entire business considering this evolution as the central axis of their operations.

Therefore, it is not just a matter of adding solutions but of transforming the vision. And as cultural changes are not always simple, learn about some essential steps to develop technological intelligence in organizations.

Analyze The Market

Note that we are not just talking about technological development but technical intelligence. Therefore, it is not just about investing in and developing digital options but also about identifying and betting on those with the greatest potential to become relevant competitive differentials.

Unfortunately, some companies lose money on technological development. This is because they blindly focus on their goals without analyzing the market or assessing whether their effort is being spent on options that are becoming obsolete or irrelevant.

Therefore, technological intelligence must be preceded by research and information. This step should lead the company to:

  • see how your competitors are positioned in the technological race;
  • knowing the most innovative markets;
  • detect both emerging and promising technology trends and those that are becoming obsolete;
  • identify professionals known as a reference in the area and where they work;
  • to trace an evolution curve of a certain technology;
  • discover technologies capable of generating others;
  • visualize the application of existing technologies in areas not yet explored to find new market niches.

Transform The Culture

There is no point in acquiring or developing tools if employees do not understand their importance or are willing to learn what it requires. Technological intelligence can only be put to good use when the mentality of “in a winning team, don’t move” is extinguished.

So, first of all, the company needs to change its culture. Employees must understand that, even if the organization is winning today, tomorrow’s game is different, and the market requires them to be prepared for new strategies and rules.

Faced with this scenario, it is necessary to reinvent functions continually. It is essential to discover how to perform activities more efficiently, even if this requires a permanent effort to learn how to use and incorporate new technologies.

This transformation needs to do the search for new methods and the thirst for innovation part of the business DNA. People need to be engaged in reaching higher levels of performance and results through technology.

And it’s not just about learning how to use programs and equipment, but mainly about keeping your willingness to guide your actions through data. If they show that it is necessary to follow another path, this possibility must be analyzed and adopted.

Invest In Technology

After the mindset shift, it’s time to invest in technology. Analyze the market and check which tools are capable of causing the greatest impact on results from a minimum of costs or adaptations. In other words, it is about maximizing investment.

But not only that. Remember that, in this concept, intelligence is more important than technology. Then, look for resources capable of transforming dispersed information into a relevant analysis that leads the organization towards competitive differentiation.

Value Digital Processes

Digital Transformation is already happening, and many experts are pointing out that it has been faster than most companies can adapt.

This framework creates what they call Digital Darwinism: only the fittest will survive, those who are technologically better adapted and manage to occupy the front of the market.

Therefore, companies cannot wait for all this to happen. They must learn how to digitize their processes, automate tasks and gain efficiency to face these new demands.

In addition to automation, this digitalization has another important role in technological intelligence. All operations performed by the systems become part of the data set available for analysis.

In this way, companies can adopt a data-driven model based on real information regarding the business. This data will be useful to provide a solid base, useful for the elaboration of reports and accurate forecasts for the decisions of the managers.

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