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How To Increase Your Engagement Using Gamification

Gamification: Digital games are a worldwide phenomenon that moves billions of dollars every year. They are no longer considered children’s things and are admired by people of all ages.

In addition to the significant impact that games have had and still have on the world economy, they have inspired many people to create strategies that allow them to transmit the sensations of playing in other situations of our daily lives.

This is Gamification, a trend growing in recent years that we will see happening much more frequently. It can be used at different times and in different ways, from maintaining a healthier life and organizing your schedule to marketing campaigns.

If your company still needs to become familiar with Gamification, know that it can bring several internal advantages and increase engagement with your brand.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about Gamification, its advantages and some tips on how to use this methodology in digital marketing.

What Is Gamification?

In general, Gamification refers to applying common elements in video games, such as rules, levels, scoring, and competition, in our personal or professional day-to-day activities.

For example, a company can offer a score for each task completed by an employee, and when that score reaches a specific value, that employee can receive a reward.

The purpose of Gamification is to transform dull, repetitive or monotonous activities into a more playful and fun work environment as if you were actually in a game.

Using this technique in your company can provide several advantages, such as increasing employee engagement in tasks. However, this technique can be used in other situations, such as your company’s digital marketing.

Advantages Of Gamification In Digital Marketing

Nowadays, engagement is the biggest concern of many companies in the digital world; the more engagement you get on a social network, the greater your relevance to it. Consequently, you will reach a more significant number of audiences.

In addition, the brands that have a more memorable digital presence manage to retain more customers and can become the primary references in their area of ​​activity; they are those called top of mind.

That’s why getting your customers and social media users to interact with your brand is so important. Through Gamification, this can be achieved very efficiently.

Another great advantage of Gamification is the possibility of collecting data more efficiently. For example, to participate in your action, you can ask users for information such as email, phone, connect with Facebook, etc. 

This type of information provides business-relevant insights into who the audience they are reaching, their habits, interests, and more.

Tips For Applying Gamification To Your Marketing Campaigns

If you liked the idea and are interested in using Gamification as a strategy in your company, check out some elements that must be included in your marketing activities and other tips.

Engaging Story

Gamification’s main element is capturing users’ attention in your marketing activities. One of the best ways to do this is by creating engaging stories that will make users not want to stop.

Division By Levels

This is another classic feature of the games; it serves as a reward for players; as they play and participate in activities, they earn points and go through levels. This generates a feeling of recognition and satisfaction, causing him to continue playing.


Setting up a ranking makes all players want to improve their results to outperform other participants, thus increasing engagement and productivity.

Time Limitation

Another way to encourage participants is to set a time limit for completing activities, so they are more focused on finishing so they can earn more points and improve their ranking. When they succeed, it generates a feeling of satisfaction and makes them continue in the game.

If you want to implement demand-generation strategies in your company, it is essential to start with planning. 

In this scenario, understand your audience, online behavior, and preferences and analyze your competitors and current market demands. 

Then, understand how your sales process works and what characteristics need to be changed to meet the profile of your ideal customer.

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