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How To Plan Content Marketing And Attract More Customers

Content Marketing: Creating content for your blog is a great way to educate your customer, increase your brand authority and close deals. However, knowing how to plan content marketing for your blog can be a highly complex task.

According to the Content Marketing survey carried out by Demand Metrics, doing Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional Marketing, and 82% of consumers have positive feelings about a company after reading content. 

What Is Content Marketing?

The first thing you need to know to create quality content for your blog is what Content Marketing is. Content Marketing is a Marketing strategy that involves attracting and engaging customers and potential customers through relevant and exciting content that you will make available for free or in exchange for users’ contact details.

This content can be distributed in any format, including infographics, blogs, video, audio or other media. Even the same content can be reused in different forms. The most important thing about Content Marketing is responding to your client’s pain points and doubts.

That is, your client will do Google searches to answer questions and fall directly into your content, teaching you about the subject they want to know. This increases your brand presence and makes it easier for users to remember you when they are ready to close a deal.

Why Invest In Content Marketing?

If you still need to decide whether or not you should invest in content marketing, let’s present some more advantages of this strategy.

  • Decreases the cost of marketing;
  • Increases traffic to your website;
  • Educate your target audience;
  • Reduces customer acquisition cost;
  • Improves brand visibility;
  • Increases lead generation;
  • Increases your sales;
  • Improves engagement;
  • Loyalty to more customers.

In the topic below, find out how to plan content marketing.

How To Plan Content Marketing

Now that you know what content marketing is and its advantages, let’s understand how to plan your blog’s content marketing to achieve all your goals. 

It is worth remembering that in content marketing, the most important thing is constancy, so it is essential to be prepared for and with a well-done plan to avoid being harmed by a lack of activity.

Create Your Personas

The first thing to do is create or identify your personas. A persona is a semi-fictional representation of your company’s ideal customer. To build a persona, basic information must be filled in, such as name, gender, age, position, interests, and hobbies.

This information will serve as a guide for what types of content are of interest to your audience, what questions they may have, what kind of content they consume and what language you will use.

Set The Goals

The next step is to define the goals you want to achieve with content marketing. The objectives must be measurable; they can be measured and monitored.

For example, increasing your website traffic by 20% per year is a measurable goal. Your blog’s 10,000 hits per month is another example of a quantifiable goal.

Make A Publication Calendar

Remember we talked about the importance of maintaining a frequency of publications? To help with this goal, one of the main tips for planning content marketing is creating a publication calendar.

This ensures that you have a complete view of all the publications and content you want to make, when they will be released and how often they will be published. This ensures that you can prepare to have everything ready on time.

Build Quality Content

Nothing we’ve said so far will bring results if the content you’re developing isn’t quality. It is because of him that the customer came to you, and it will be because of him that he will remain loyal or leave.

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of content marketing and get your leads to the right moment to buy, you need to offer quality content.

Track The Results

Finally, it’s time to analyze your results and see what can be improved and what actions worked. It is essential that this monitoring is frequent.

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