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Marketing For Technology Companies

There is great competition, and therefore an excellent search for information on marketing strategies for Technology companies, as the IT segment is among those that invest the most in Digital Marketing, which several reasons can explain.

For this reason, based on a few years serving several companies in the segment, we have prepared this material with the main tips for you to create a marketing strategy for IT companies. In this text, we are going to talk about six steps:

The Information Technology segment is very heated. With the constant advancement of technology and the growing demand from companies that need to undergo a digital transformation, we have a very high demand. As a result, the offer is also broad, with several manufacturers and numerous companies, such as integrators, licensors or resellers of products or managed services.

1 – Create An Offer

Before defining the strategy to sell, it is essential to define WHAT you will sell. It seems redundant, but it is common to see several technology companies selling different solutions from the same manufacturers and using the same attributes (or features) of products and services. The fact is that several bring similar benefits, such as productivity, profitability, etc.

2 – Talk About The Pain Of Your Customers

It is common for many marketing professionals in technology companies to generate their communication around their product, always talking about its attributes or its benefits, but this prevents Marketing from being centered on the customer.

It is important to remember that the customer does not spend his time looking for information about products or services or thinking about what your company can do for him. Your buying journey is much more based on your day-to-day life. In your problems, in your pains, and in the solutions that can improve your life and your business.

We can think of some practical examples that we see in the IT area that can help us understand the approach we can take to the pain related to each product.

3 – Define An Approach

We have been discussing how to get out of the commonplace so that the sales pitch is not focused only on products. One of the challenges of marketing in technology companies is to generate differentiation in the eyes of potential customers and even other competitors, who sometimes sell the exact solutions with the same benefits to attract new customers.

4 – Produce And Diversify Your Content

When we talk about marketing for technology companies, we are talking about complex products, usually technical and, therefore, with an audience eager for information. One of the best practices in creating a systematic lead generation strategy is to produce relevant content that educates and convinces your audience.

5 – Work With Partnerships

Many IT companies have two common difficulties in their marketing strategies: If, on the one hand, we are talking about a competitive market, which inflates the value of keywords that are already very competitive, on the other hand, we are talking about an audience that the marketing of content can reach, but there is no arm for companies to generate this content, and in both cases, we can seek solutions with technology partners.

Most IT companies must work with partners, whether they are technology integrators, software licensors or managed services providers. Partners can help in these two areas: Nurturing leads with partner material, partner funding, etc.

6 – Use Your Product

One last point, which is a golden tip for technology companies, but is worth a lot. In years of experience, we have already witnessed many meetings where they discussed persona, content or the buying journey of some customers for a particular product until an uncomfortable question arose: do we use this solution in our company?

Depending on the solution, for example, the question would be: is our data already in the cloud? Our data, use the technology or storage solution we sell? Do we use cloud PBX solutions or unified communications? Or does a technology company use its technology in its sales, such as CRM or Marketing Automation tools?

You can build cases and have the best sales pitch, but nothing like showing that what you sell is so reliable that your company can also use it and that your company not only sells and preaches innovation and technology but lives and uses it in your day-to-day activities, including in your marketing and sales areas.

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