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IT And Marketing: Why Should They Go Together?

IT and Marketing: Data collection and analysis technologies, such as big data analytics software, have become critical to planning and executing more efficient corporate strategies.

In the case of marketing, a series of benefits can be obtained when IT offers support aligned with the sector’s objectives. But do you know how IT and marketing can walk together?

Find out how the IT department can help marketing and what advantages this strategy can bring to the business!

How Do IT And Marketing Complement Each Other?

Thanks to the evolution of information technologies today, IT has a lot to offer the marketing industry. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can be implemented, and several tasks can be automated, adding agility and precision to the processes. It is the IT sector that provides and manages these tools. Therefore, proximity is important.

There is a fair exchange of interests in this integration because, while marketing benefits from technologies, the IT sector receives the necessary feedback to maintain and improve them.

What Are The Benefits Of Integrating IT And Marketing?

We separate some of the main advantages that the company can have with this integration. Check out!

Expands Proximity To Consumers

With the help of IT, systems can gain increasingly improved tools, helping marketing professionals better understand the consumer public. For example, it is possible to develop a communication strategy more in line with the customer profile, considering information about pain, desires, and needs. Speaking their language is a great opportunity to approach and improve the customer experience.

Allows Tracking Of Results

In addition to CRM, management and interaction analytics systems, commonly supported by IT, provide a rich base of information that helps advertising campaign teams to monitor the results of disclosures in real-time. The faster and better the measurement, the more agile and accurate the marketing response can be. It also allows the company to measure the return on advertising spending more easily.

Saves Resources

IT can help marketing reduce time and effort and deliver better results. Moreover, software technologies make it possible to develop more accurate advertising campaigns, demanding smaller and smaller investments to achieve better results. This has a positive impact on the budget of the sector and the company.

How Can You Align IT With Marketing?

Integrating IT and marketing teams is relatively easy, but it can require a strong commitment from both parties. To help you, we separate two tools that should facilitate the process:

Embrace Unified Communications (UC)

With the support of UC technologies, the company can unify communication between marketing and IT professionals, centralizing conversations and informational content, in various media formats, in a single location. If everyone uses the same means of interaction, the communication flow can be optimized, which improves the exchange of information and adds agility to the contact center teams.

Cross-industry interactions become more dynamic, and sales, marketing, and technical support professionals can stay connected even while serving customers. That is, any information about problems and opportunities is shared instantly.

Invest In Cloud Computing

Migrating systems to the cloud can provide task mobility, automatic resource scaling, and real-time monitoring of results. Cloud environments are managed by the IT sector and are great strategies to bring technology professionals closer to other company sectors.

As you can see, IT and marketing together form a strategy that can leverage the potential results of the business. After all, processes are optimized, and the company gains a competitive advantage. So, put this idea into practice today and achieve corporate success.

Cloud computing is breaking the paradigms of information technology, allowing almost everything related to the digital world to be offered as a service.

Currently, it is possible to find software, infrastructure, and complete service platforms in the cloud, which makes room for the virtualization of all elements of a company without the need for local physical infrastructure.

XaaS is an umbrella that brings under its scope all the technologies that previously needed to be worked internally in a company and that today can be contracted in specific plans, according to demand. In addition to the possibility of being accessed through the cloud from any location and device.

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