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How Cloud Computing Enhances the User Experience

Cloud Computing: Currently, user experience is no longer seen as an investment but a must for companies, regardless of sector or size. 

With a society so connected and increasingly demanding, it is necessary to optimize the processes of purchasing products and consuming services, ensuring the mobility of access via computer or cell phone.

In this sense, cloud computing stands out as the leading solution to unite the best UX Design with the ease, practicality, and connectivity that today’s public demands. 

Want to understand more about how cloud computing and user experience complement each other? Keep reading! 

The Need To Focus On The User Experience

With the evolution of technology, consumer habits have also changed. Today, it is enough to access the internet to search for information about products, compare prices and look at reviews. 

This ease of purchase has intensified competition, and, as a result, consumers have come to place much more value on brands that can provide a positive experience. 

That is, a humanized and personalized service, an effective marketing campaign, and excellent after-sales service, among other factors.

By investing in user experience, the trend is for customer retention to increase and for the company to attract a new audience. 

However, the user experience is about more than just the email marketing you send or the layout of your website. 

For the user to have a positive experience, all areas related to the product or service must use UX Design, including the company’s technology. 

In other words, the entire user buying journey, from research to after-sales, must also involve UX Design.

The Relationship Between Cloud Computing And User Experience (UX)

What few know is that a good user experience depends heavily on cloud computing to be efficient. 

This is because, when relying on traditional servers and datacenters, in addition to not enjoying the same agility and practicality that the cloud offers, the costs are much higher, making the project unfeasible. 

So, in addition to bringing savings, cloud computing also provides the following:

  • Scalability;
  • Ample space for storage;
  • Efficiency in data processing;
  • Setup made easy.

In addition, the user experience depends heavily on cloud computing to offer consumers humanized interfaces, easy to interact with, where navigation becomes intuitive and much less technical. 

Another highlight point is that cloud solutions allow software operation remotely and simultaneously, allowing multiple users to use resources and functionality in real-time.

Examples Of Cloud Computing Combined With User Experience

One of the main benefits of cloud computing combined with user experience is the ability to get to know the public in-depth and thus increase their satisfaction. 

And this happens in different ways. Check it out:

Custom Apps

Custom applications from the company itself or even applications from another organization that is cloud-based and uses UX Design allow the creation of a direct and easy-to-use communication channel between the company and the customer.

One of the prominent examples is WhatsApp, widely used as a service tool, support, and even as a first contact.

Big Data

With so much connectivity, organizations collect information from different channels, such as applications and online traffic.

And this data, if properly organized and segmented, can provide companies with valuable knowledge about their consumers, enhancing user experience improvement strategies. 

However, the best way to analyze all this information is through tools hosted in the cloud to ensure security, reliability, and agility in the collection and structuring.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring social media is essential for companies that want to get closer and better understand the profile and preferences of their consumers. 

But, as with Big Data, the tools used to analyze, automate, and monitor social media are cloud-based. 

And it is from the information collected in the applications that the user experience on the company’s platforms, such as the website, can be improved.

Service Automation

In a world so connected, it’s normal for customers to expect a quick response to their requests, regardless of the time and day. 

One of the factors to ensure a good user experience is precisely the timing and the response time. However, it is only sometimes possible to provide immediate support to the consumer.

It is precisely in this scenario that cloud computing comes into play with its automated solutions and schedules the contact of a collaborator or a task to solve the problem during business hours.

Your company can provide a good user experience even when no one is online. However, only expect some of the features we have listed here from cloud solutions. 

We live in an age where the evolution of technology is continuous and agile, and many functions are only available with the latest and most disruptive tools.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a solution provider that is a specialist in the subject and capable of taking advantage of all the potential that cloud computing allied to the user experience provides.

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