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Cybersecurity: What Does My Business Need To Know?

Cybersecurity: The security of digital assets is a highly worrying matter for many companies. The risks of cyber attacks, data leakage, and confidential information can compromise any enterprise’s positioning.

The concern becomes even more significant with the General Data Protection Law in force. Therefore, cybersecurity has become necessary for companies to ensure excellent protection against possible risks and bring more credibility to their customers and employees.

This text will show you everything your company needs to know about cybersecurity. Check out!

What Is Cybersecurity?

Understanding cybersecurity is crucial for you to see its importance for business and how it is fundamental to reduce the risk of attacks and leaks.

This process is a set of methods and practices to protect digital assets, such as data and information, against external threats.

Thus, cybersecurity is a practice adopted within the concept of information security aimed at protecting assets in their different forms, such as digital and physical assets.

Among them, we can list the company’s computers, servers, mobile devices, stored data, electronic systems, email history, and passwords.

With cybersecurity, it is possible to bring protection to these assets that make up the company’s information technology and ensure its integrity in the face of potential threats.

How Important Is It For Companies?

Dealing with matters such as data protection involves many responsibilities. Therefore, it is essential to have an efficient means of eliminating risks and bringing more security to your assets.

In this sense, cybersecurity works to ensure your data’s integrity and bring other benefits to companies. Check out some of them.

Ensures Integrity Of Information

This is the starting point that leads a company to develop information security with cybersecurity. Ensuring data integrity also brings credibility to the honesty and reliability of the organization’s information.

In this way, decision-making can be based on validated data, ensuring the results’ quality.

Favors The Company’s Change Management

Change management seeks to bring more organization to the business environment regarding changes made to applications and systems. In this sense, relying on cybersecurity improves this process.

With it, you can broaden your horizons and better manage the publications and evolutions of the company’s platforms. This will make it more practical to assess imminent risks to data integrity and take action on the situation.

Favors The Efforts Of IT Teams

In addition to minimizing the possible risks of attacks and leaks, cybersecurity also serves as a way to leverage the efforts of the company’s IT team.

With this set of protection practices, professionals in the field will only need to monitor the network occasionally. Thus, it is possible to make more time available for them to develop other activities, directly impacting the performance of the sector and the quality of the results achieved.

Improve Your Competitive Edge

The fear people have about data is highly understandable. With the LGPD in force, companies have become more transparent regarding the use of user information.

Still, the fear of possible external threats constantly ends up impacting how people interact with companies. Developing cybersecurity in your business is a way to increase the business’s credibility and show all the professionalism and seriousness of the enterprise when dealing with this data.

These measures change how the public perceives the brand, increasing customer confidence in its practices. A company fully committed to cybersecurity conveys a responsible and mature attitude toward protecting information.

In this sense, it is possible to stand out from other organizations that do not invest in this area or do not give due importance to their customers’ data. With this competitive differential, you will have a significant advantage against other companies, favoring the profitability of your business.

What Can Cybersecurity Prevent?

You saw the importance of cybersecurity regarding the possible threats that could compromise the integrity of your data. However, we still need to mention which risks your business is exposed to if you don’t take any protection measures.


One of the most common threats in digital environments is malware. They are a type of virus better known as a “Trojan horse.” These are programs designed to steal information and impair the performance of the systems where they are installed — in addition to being able to monitor computers and transmit data to the hacker.


A backdoor is another cruel practice to alter the infected system and favor the invasion. It allows you to create and delete data, install programs, send emails and use the machine remotely.


Despite not being an invasive method like the previous ones, phishing is a malicious strategy that many users end up falling for. This is a kind of scam, usually emailed to people.

A website similar to the actual company or institution is simulated in it. Hackers get sensitive information, such as system passwords and bank details.


In addition to these threats, we can also mention DDoS. This practice overloads the servers, causing the systems to be offline indefinitely. In this, your business risks losing business opportunities due to system instability.


This practice is a way of spoofing the IP of a machine or server, pretending to be a trusted device. From there, the hacker gains access to attack systems and appliances.

Internal Attacks

As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, cybersecurity does not only aim at the integrity of the company’s digital assets but also the physical part, such as servers and computers.

This is because there is a possibility of people with malicious intent within the company. In this way, these “professionals” seek to infect files and systems internally without using external methods to carry out their plans.

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