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How To Write Motivation For Applying To The IT Industry

The IT industry is in high demand and has a promising future. Many job hunters apply for this job because it is a popular industry, but it is also true that a high level of expertise is required.

When writing a motivation for applying, I think many people have concerns such as, “I’m not sure if I can write my motivation without specialized knowledge,” or “I’m from a liberal arts background, so I don’t know what to say in my motivation.” Masu.

In this article, we will provide advice from career advisors Uehara-san, Yokoyama-san, and Watanabe-san, as well as explain points that should be included in motivation for applying to the IT industry, as well as example sentences for each type of job.

The IT industry is growing and in high demand, but it is also true that there is a workforce shortage. In the next article, we will explain the industry, which is said to be extremely busy, along with countermeasures. Please give it a read.

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There are various industries in the IT industry, and the way to write your motivation for an application differs depending on the industry.

To begin with, the IT industry is broadly divided into five sectors, including the Internet and communications industries. Since the viewpoints of motivation for applying differ depending on the industry, it is essential to create motivation for application specific to the industry/occupation.

In this article, we will explain the points that should actually be included in motivations based on industry structure and specialized knowledge and present examples of reasons for each industry and job type. First, let’s understand the characteristics of the IT industry.

Due to the new coronavirus infection, university classes have been moved online, and remote work has become widespread. IT technology is constantly creating new value in our lives and has become essential in our daily lives.

As mentioned above, the IT industry has a variety of industries, so the motivation for applying differs depending on the industry. Here, we will explain the characteristics of the IT industry that you should keep in mind when creating your reason for using it.

I want to contribute to improving your company’s customer retention rate and help Japanese companies adopt IT. I work part-time at a restaurant, and due to the increase in infections, we have been forced to take new measures. At this time, we introduced a new system and started online sales, and the order rate from regular customers increased to over 60%. From this experience, I have realized the importance of creating repeat customers and introducing a system. Your company is attractive because it not only provides SaaS that utilizes cutting-edge technology but also has a business strategy for improving customer retention rates. When I join the company, I would like to contribute as a salesperson by proposing SaaS to companies and acquiring repeat customers.

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