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Methods To Solve Common Problems In Home Contact Centers

Home-based contact center’s have been attracting attention from the perspective of resolving human resource shortages, reducing costs, and implementing BCP measures. Still, you will likely face several challenges when implementing home-based work. There are various causes of issues, such as changes in the work environment due to working from home, changes in devices, and changes in operations.

In this article, we will explain common problems and solutions for home-based contact center’s.

“Certain” Issues In Home Contact Center’s

You may face some challenges when implementing work from home. These are likely to occur due to environments and operations that differ from traditional contact center’s, such as changes in the work environment and changes in devices, processes, and communication methods.

In particular, the following three issues will likely occur.

Temporary productivity decline due to changes in devices or operations

When working from home, call quality deteriorates due to surrounding noise, the voices of family members living in the same household, the barking of pets, etc.

Feelings of loneliness and alienation occur due to a lack of communication.

① Temporary drop in productivity due to changes in devices and operations

In traditional contact centers, most devices are basically desktop computers with large monitors. Still, in a home environment, It is assumed that it may be difficult to install a desktop computer or a large monitor. Above all, laptop computers are often used because of the convenience of carrying and storing them. This is likely due to the fact that the operation is centered on self-resolution, which is a change from the conventional contact center operation in which the SV immediately follows up and resolves the problem.

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② Call quality deteriorates due to the effects of surrounding noise, the voices of family members living together, the cries of pets, etc., due to working from home

. This is likely due to the impact on end users due to noise that is not expected in traditional contact centers during calls.

③ Feelings of loneliness and alienation arise due to lack of communication. In

In addition to the effects of the operational changes mentioned in ①, this is thought to be caused by shifts from the work environment, where people had to communicate with colleagues while working. 

If these issues are not resolved early, it won’t be easy to continue operating a home-based contact center, as home-based work will likely increase costs, reduce quality, and worsen turnover rates.

Methods to solve common problems in home contact centers

Let’s take a look at solutions for 1) “decreased productivity”, 2) “decreased call quality”, and 3) “feeling of loneliness/alienation”. The solution methods introduced here are methods that utilize methods and solutions that lead to solving problems with a little ingenuity. We will present a case study implemented by Bell System 24 Co., Ltd

Methods To Prevent And Improve Productivity

BELLSYSTEM24 CoLtd. has analyzed the productivity trends of multiple home-based operations and found that productivity decreases for several months after introducing home-based operations compared to when operating a conventional contact center. Masu.

As mentioned above, this is caused by changes in devices and changes in operation.

Therefore, it is possible to prevent a decline in productivity and improve it by making device changes as close as possible to conventional devices and by designing efficient operations even in remote locations.

In traditional contact centers, communicators use desktop computers, large monitors, and keyboards with numeric keys for desktop computers. When this device becomes a laptop, the screen becomes smaller, and the keyboard often lacks a numeric keypad.

We solved this problem by lending the laptop along with the monitor and keyboard used on the desktop computer so that the laptop could be used like a desktop computer. If you only lend a monitor and keyboard, the installation location and storage are easier to clean than a complete desktop, and we are able to prevent productivity loss.

In addition, by effectively utilizing business chat tools, we are able to achieve efficient communication and contribute to improved productivity compared to traditional contact centers.

I would also like to touch on examples of productivity improvement using Microsoft Teams (from now on referred to as Teams), which contributed to improved productivity.

In traditional contact centers, notifications are posted and distributed on paper, and if there is anything unclear, an SV comes to the side and follows

  1. However, when working from home, Teams are used to improve notification and follow-up methods. I devised it. We have succeeded in reducing confusion regarding remote management by forming teams on

Teams based on skills and industry, making sure that communication such as dissemination and escalation is possible within the dedicated team, and subdividing the rules. Masu.

Using Teams has made it possible to provide more thorough follow-up, and the speed of collaboration between departments has improved compared to before, contributing to improved productivity.

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