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ELECOM Authentic “VCustom Series” To Win At Games

ELECOM, which is famous for computer supply products such as mice and keyboards, has released the full-fledged gaming brand “V Custom”! Currently, most domestic gaming

products are made by overseas manufacturers, but ELECOM has been cultivating products in the Japanese market for many years. By incorporating the opinions of professional gamers into the data and know-how, we have developed an easy-to-use device that is perfect for Japanese users and allows them to win at games.

This time, I would like to report on two types of keyboards, three axes, and two types of mice!

V Custom Keyboard VK310

VK310 is a wired connection model with a Japanese layout, 90 keys, and no numeric keypad.

Tenkey less keyboards are popular models because they allow more room for the mouse when installed in the same space as a full-size keyboard.

The USB Type-C cable that connects to your computer is convenient when moving from place to place, is detachable, and can be easily replaced in the event of a disconnection.

It uses a paracord that is approximately 1.5m long and easy to handle.

The variations of mechanical switches are the blue axis (Click), which makes it easy to feel and hear the press; the brown axis (Tactile), which has an excellent balance between easy-to-understand press feeling and quietness; and the silver axis (Speed ​​Linear), which pursues the fastest speed and soft feel. ) 3 models.

The model we will be reviewing this time is the silver axis (speed linear) model.


The exterior design is very simple, with no logo marks on the front side, but all keys are equipped with a “16.77 million-color RGB LED” that allows you to customize the lighting pattern and color using special software.

Brighten up your game environment.

The tenkey less model keyboard is the perfect size for expanding the range of mouse movement when desk space is limited.

I have a mid-tower type gaming desktop on my desk at home, so I love using a tenkeyless keyboard because it saves space.

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The key layout of the VK310 is similar to that of a typical Japanese keyboard, making it easy to use.

The keyboard has a moderate weight, so you don’t have to worry about it shifting while using it.

Neo Clutch Keycap

The keycaps, the “Neo Clutch Keycaps,” which have a key shape that grips your fingers but is easy to release, are newly developed by a professional gamer, making it difficult to make mistakes.

Rather than a typical U-shaped concave keycap, it has a shape that does not interfere with finger movement, which is unique to gaming.

The texture is not smooth but rather rough, and I didn’t get the impression that my hands would get sweaty and shiny even when playing games.

This roughness also prevents your fingers from slipping and makes it difficult to make mistakes.

The alphabets are not printed but are illuminated by RGB light, so there is no need to worry about the printing disappearing due to wear.

Non-slip Keycap Grip Sheet

Comes with a “non-slip sheet” that can be attached to the surface of the 43 keys on the left side, which are often used on gaming keyboards.

The surface of the seat is made of a cushioned fabric that increases the grip and can be used when you want to prevent your fingers from slipping.

V Custom Keyboard VK300

VK300 is a mini-sized wired connection model with a Japanese layout, 71 keys, and 65% of the full-size keyboard.

This is a small model specialized for gaming that has become popular in recent years.

Like the VK310, it is equipped with a 16.77 million-color RGB LED, uses neo-clutch keycaps, and comes with a non-slip keycap grip sheet.

The USB Type-C cable that connects to a computer is a 1.5m paracord detachable type.

There are three variations of mechanical switches: clicky, tactile, and speed linear.

Here, we will try Tactile and Click.


The exterior design is very small and has a simple feel with no extraneous items.

Mini keyboards have recently become popular due to their use by popular professional gamers, but popular models from overseas manufacturers are approximately 60% the size of full-size keyboards.

At 60% size, the shape is quite specialized for gaming, so you will usually use it in combination with the Fn key or special keys, and if it is too compact, it will be a hassle in terms of everyday practicality. There will be too many parts.

In terms of the number of keys depending on the size, there are many products with an English layout, so it feels strange when inputting Japanese.

The VK300 is 65% smaller than a full-size keyboard with a unique Japanese layout.

If it is 65%, it will be a size that will not cause any problems in terms of practical use while still ensuring space for gaming, and it is a very well-thought-out size.

Since it is a Japanese layout, character input is also perfect.

It is very easy to use as it has separate keys such as the “Print Screen key” for taking screenshots, which is often used in games.

There is an additional device port on the back that is convenient for connecting a mouse.

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