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Learn How To Manage Projects And Tasks With Asana

Asana: Looking for robust project management software? Then this text is for you! One of the tools that automate these processes and improve communication between all team members is Asana.

The Asana platform offers a web and mobile version and data storage in the cloud so you can track and manage your project at any time without running the risk of not having the information you need in the palm of your hand.

Real-time status updates help you and your team make faster decisions and quickly view the status of multiple projects.

With Asana, you and your team will have information transparency from start to finish of the project, leaving everyone on the same page and allowing each member to share ideas to achieve their common goals with quality.

The Asana platform is used by more than 1 million teams in 190 countries. Check out throughout this post all the features it can offer you. 

What Is Asana?

Asana is a collaborative platform for automating project and task management, capable of mapping each step of the stipulated goals, being an essential ally of the OKR methodology, and efficient in making teams meet delivery deadlines.

Asana is one of the essential tools for keeping your team’s tasks organized in one place and cost-effectively.

In the Asana platform, you define workflow rules, schedule, assign and reassign tasks to team members, and prioritize and track progress on each goal in real-time, so you have time to identify and correct errors that can affect the completion of the project.

The solution can serve projects and teams from different areas, from marketing to human resources and IT, and keeps all members aligned with business objectives.

It can be used in companies of all sizes and segments, as it is fully customizable according to business needs. 

According to the evaluations of its users on the B2B Stack portal, one of the advantages of the tool is that it is simple and easy to use, and the entire team, including clients, is able to monitor the progress of projects.

With its intuitive interface, even those who need to become more familiar with this solution can adapt to Asana.

You can organize your work on boards, lists, schedules or calendars, like tasks and comments, write briefs, and send and receive messages to facilitate communication, visualization and day-to-day project management.

You can import spreadsheets in CSV format into your Asana workspace to convert them into timelines and make the data easier to understand. The platform also allows the creation and customization of Gantt charts.

How Asana Works

To use Asana, you will need to register on the platform for free, and you can choose to sign in with your Google account, and you will have a 30-day trial period. After this trial period, you will have to choose one of the four plans provided by the tool.

  • On your home page, you will be able to view your recent projects and tasks that are close to the completion date, create a new project, perform account settings and search for data;
  • In your menu, you will have access to your tasks, reports, inbox, portfolios, and goals, view favorite projects and invite members to your team;
  • And when you start creating a new project, you’ll have the possibility to configure it the way you see fit, choosing between the visualization formats;
  • Customizing colors and icons, setting priorities and status;

Understand How Asana Works For Each Area

Asana For Marketing Teams

For marketing teams, Asana can help with campaign planning, structuring, strategizing, responsibilities and objectives, and especially tracking, keeping everyone on the same page.

It is possible to create rules to automate tasks, determine goals, the degree of difficulty, and deadlines for the delivery of each one of them and visualize how close they are to be completed.

Asana lets you share files and forms among your team, including managers, so everyone can see what’s being done and share ideas.

The platform also has functionality for approving tasks and projects, where team members request these approvals, and the administrator views them in lists and can approve, disapprove or send them for review.  

This shows that the tool is handy for organizing workflows in product launches, events and other campaigns, thus optimizing the team’s time so they can focus on the most important. 

Asana For Sales Teams

Gather all customer questions in Asana and craft standardized responses so every team member can quickly find and better communicate with their customer.

Offer organized and well-structured pre-sales and post-sales support. You can create a project template that helps you and your team to follow and work in all stages of the sales funnel your customers are in; this way, you can take advantage of all business opportunities.

Create employee engagement campaigns based on the team’s goals and objectives, in which everyone can track how close they are to win the challenge.

Asana For Product Teams

Product teams can use the Asana platform to track milestones for their released products, plan product roadmaps, determine and track release dates, transparently create and track sprints, set goals and priorities, and organize the workflow.

The entire company can communicate through Asana to stay on top of releases. You’ll be able to manage product launch emails and new releases, track bugs, and even get reports on those releases.

With these follow-ups, you can anticipate setbacks and support yourself by changing strategies or moving resources quickly.

Asana For Operations

In operations, Asana can help by allowing the manager to standardize a project template to avoid rework in recurring processes.

You can create standardized project templates to manage new employee onboarding, manage multiple vendor criteria, and plan and manage team goals and objectives.

The platform also presents, through graphical reports, the project’s results that are in progress; in this way, the visualization of the statuses becomes more practical.

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