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Digital Transformation: Team Management Software

Team Management Software: Digital transformation in companies uses technology to optimize processes, solve problems and innovate strategically.

One of the advances promoted by the presence of technology in organizations is the use of management software, which, in addition to the advantages of reducing bureaucracy, leads to more transparency and agility in the collection of information. Among other benefits of having a platform for managing teamwork are:

Prioritization of Tasks

Hierarchizing activities is a crucial point for time management and increased performance. As a manager, you set priorities and assemble each team member’s to-do list in the software. This facilitates day-to-day planning and enables the team to work simultaneously on different projects. Its management software allows you to include or change the priority of tasks according to the week’s progress.

Workflow Monitoring

With process automation, communication and approval of tasks are carried out using the system in an intelligent, fast, and documented way. Managers can track the status of assignments, projects, and clients and know in real time what is happening with their team.

Automating processes in a company consists of improving and optimizing workflow steps through technology, replacing manual tasks with systems.

This action aims to achieve greater efficiency, integrate processes, speed up steps, avoid internal bureaucracy, improve team productivity, manage time better and, consequently, enable the company to direct financial investments to other areas of interest.

You don’t have to waste time putting together complicated status sheets, let alone your time deciphering them. With strategic team management software, employees signal the fulfillment of tasks and the progress of projects. The tool automatically indicates when professionals will be available to work on new jobs. You still have accurate estimates of deliveries and can identify potential planning issues.

Unified Communication

No messages are scattered in emails or chats, WhatsApp groups, or post-its on someone else’s workstation. What needs to be done and the information required to carry out the work are all in one place when using team management software such as Runrun. It. Thus, you increase your team’s productivity and prevent demands from being lost in the employees’ inboxes. Everything is centralized, structured, and formalized within the system.

And if it is necessary to change the priority of tasks due to an unforeseen event, there is no reason to hold meetings or go from table to table, making the change official. The team receives notifications and will be informed about reorganizing the tasks that involve them—all within the same platform, which also becomes a valuable remote management tool.

Performance Indicators

These benefits ensure that leaders have a real-time, big-picture view of project management, understanding who is on target and which team needs more reinforcement. This data intersection helps you evaluate people’s performance and make bold decisions without guesswork. Always with the extraction of reports practically and instantaneously to guarantee agility in this process. Thus, team management software makes the company more efficient and driven by a data culture.

The digital age has consolidated and changed our way of living. Today, we have enormous access to information, making us live with a series of changes every minute. In the market, the reality is the same. If you think about it, you’ll see that in less than 30 years, we’ve jumped from the typewriter to data culture.

Choose Software To Strengthen Teamwork

As a team leader, you must find the best way to collect information about each professional. And if the process of compiling, clipping, and parsing are laborious, the right time to act will likely pass.

Automation makes all the difference at this decisive moment because it allows you to have a precise analysis of the scenario at any moment. You can more easily answer questions such as which stage of the project will be responsible for any delay, which professional is overloaded if there are idle employees, what is the profitability of your customers, and if there is a need for new hires or changes in the staff.

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