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LinkedIn, What It Is, How It Works And More

LinkedIn: Technology is an excellent way to get a job or discover talent for your company. Nowadays, various tools are being used for this medium.

One is the social network LinkedIn, which many professionals and companies use to create good networking and partnerships.

Mainly, for those entering the job market now, it is excellent for helping you gain your place and making connections that will help significantly in your professional field. 

What Is LinkedIn

It is a social network whose main objective is the professional promotion of its users. Companies also use it as a means to find a professional through the profiles that are registered on it.

LinkedIn allows people and brands to create interaction, contributing to business contacts’ knowledge; thus, many professionals find job openings on it. 

This way, the user can create a profile in which they can include their level of education, their specializations, and other professional activities, in addition to being able to showcase their projects and talk a little about themselves. 

Companies and brands can use the LinkedIn social network to find users who are best suited to specific vacancies that the company is offering and take the opportunity to select the best ones for their talent pool.

How LinkedIn Works To Make Connections

LinkedIn allows each person to connect professionally with various people in their field, co-workers, clients, or future professional relationships. All of this happens within three connections that work as follows:

  • 1st-degree connection: These are profiles that already have a direct connection due to the invitation made by one of the parties and accepted. They can send a message directly to the inbox when they want to interact.
  • 2nd-degree connection: These users have connections in common but do not yet have a direct connection. To connect directly, you can send an invitation or contact us via InMail, a LinkedIn tool for premium users.
  • 3rd-degree connection: These users are connected to their 2nd-degree connections. Getting in touch with them can happen in two ways. The first is if the person’s surname is displayed, you can request an invitation; if the surname does not appear, you can contact them via InMail.

 For each LinkedIn user, a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree icon will appear next to their name or on the connection’s profile.

How To Use LinkedIn To Benefit Your Company 

If you have a company, you want to use LinkedIn to discover possible talents to work in your company or to create partnership links. Here are some tips for using LinkedIn to benefit your company:

Publish Content 

You can use LinkedIn to make publications that draw attention to your target audience and as a way to promote the company. On Linkedin, you can publish on your own platform, such as a blog, giving other people the opportunity to share on other networks and comment. 

This way, you can publicize issues related to your company, increase your audience, and attract future employees’ attention. 

Join Groups

On LinkedIn, you can join groups, which is a great way to create bonds with professionals and companies in the same niche. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for publicity, as the most relevant group discussions are at the top of the page.

Create Ads 

LinkedIn offers the option of publishing advertisements to reach a larger audience and publicize your job vacancies and other things about your company. Additionally, ads on LinkedIn follow these models:

It is possible to reach decision-makers in your market.

  • Self-Service Solutions, recommended for advertising investments below R$15,000 per month;
  • Corporate Solutions for advertising investments above R$15,000 per month.

In this sense, the ads already correctly reach the target audience, as they are targeted in this way. Therefore, it is worth checking what your company is like to acquire what is by it.

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