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Marketing: 3 Key Points To Adopt To Build Customer Loyalty

Marketing: It must be admitted that attracting new prospects is crucial for all companies to fill their customer base, among other things. The same is valid for building customer loyalty, in this case, making it possible to guarantee companies’ sustainability, regardless of their size or fields of activity. 

In this regard, customer loyalty is an essential marketing strategy in business, given the volatility of customers who may leave for the competition. Here are some of the main strategic points to adopt to retain your customers.

Strengthen The Relationship With Your Customers

To win a customer’s loyalty in a lasting way, it is more than necessary to mark your relationship from the first purchase or during the first service delivery. You are aware that the first impression is essential for the customer and that it is, therefore, necessary to pay great attention to it! The company must thus show its recognition about the trust that the customer brings to it and its interest in your products or your service offers. To do this, thanking your customers is the least you can do right after confirming their order.

Therefore, it is an essential step to consider, allowing you to consolidate the relationship with your customers while simultaneously creating a necessary bond of trust. There are also several ways to express your gratitude, such as notifying your customer by email, in the case of an online purchase, or through their customer area. Otherwise, you can also send a thank you a text message or directly offer him a corporate gift that will undoubtedly appeal to him. Moreover, the latter is one of the most used customer loyalty tools and often the most popular on corporate and marketing blogs.

A chatbot is an excellent tool for building customer loyalty. Most social media visitors are more likely to buy from companies that respond quickly to their questions. So, by using a chatbot, you can increase your sales. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than hiring an actual person to handle incoming requests. You can use any suitable platform to create chatbots. For example, Send Pulse is perfect for French-speaking entrepreneurs. You can create a chatbot for popular social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, you can easily set up a Telegram chatbot and a bot for WhatsApp.

Provide Your Business With Exemplary Customer Service

As mentioned above, it is both the image of your company and the loyalty of your new customers to give an impeccable first impression. Therefore, getting a second chance to make a good impression is unlikely. Moreover, it should be noted that first-time customers are particularly volatile, and they risk leaving for the competition at the first disappointment or dissatisfaction that comes their way.

This is why it is also necessary for you to take special care of your customer service to be exemplary. Your customer base must feel valued by providing them with ideally personalized support according to their requests (request for information, complaints, etc.). 

Through its customer service, your company is required to respond promptly on virtually all current communication channels such as web, app, email, phone, social media, etc.. Otherwise, you can consider an outsourcing solution for your customer service to benefit from the know-how and skills of a specialized service provider.

Implement A Marketing Strategy: A Loyalty Program

You should know that a customer is not acquired indefinitely, so it is essential to retain him over the long term. For this, there are several marketing strategies to consider, which allow both to value your customers and reward them for their loyalty, encouraging them to come back. This is particularly the case of the “loyalty program,” which consists of identifying the most loyal, to then thank them primarily via different kinds of rewards.

For example, they can benefit from VIP status to take advantage of certain advantages (privileged access to new products, free delivery, etc., or possibly via a system of points to be accumulated throughout purchases, allowing them to receive loyalty gifts (voucher, discount, etc.). 

Setting up this type of loyalty program then encourages your customers to buy regularly or often use your service offers. In addition, it may even allow your company to generate brand ambassadors to recommend you to those around them.

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