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Productivity In Digital Transformation: Which Path For Companies?

Digital Transformation: Is your goal to scale the company’s productivity? Just increasing the number of collaborators will not improve the teams.

You need to develop strategies to produce more in shorter terms and leave professionals with time to develop the tasks that will raise the brand’s and your business’s level.

But with technology, you can get anywhere. It changes how decisions are made, and processes are carried out, supporting managers to expand production capacity.

In this context, we have brought tips for understanding the relationship between productivity and digital transformation and the paths your company needs to follow to reach the planned goals.

Do you want to act with increasingly professional management aligned with the market? So follow along!

The Digital Transformation

Do you know what digital transformation is? It is no longer seen as fiction and is part of the daily lives of companies. The leading sectors have already changed. Based on this concept, companies plan and adopt new strategies to optimize production and do business using digital tools.

With this, several problems and dilemmas of the corporate world are solved. Thus, companies reduce costs, increase productivity, and current services that are even more interesting and relevant to consumers.

It is important to understand that digital transformation is not a specific product or service but a different way of looking at business processes.

The Importance Of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation favors a better organization. Some platforms, for example, allow controlling an institution’s internal processes, regardless of where the managers are. And this, consequently, generates increased productivity.

Furthermore, with tools linked to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, companies can understand consumers’ needs, problems, and desires. With more intelligence, improving current services and gaining relevance in the market is possible.

Any company that wants to grow in the market sustainably needs to know the consumer in depth. Without this, the chance of making strategy mistakes is great since the decision-making will only be based on the managers’ perceptions.

Optimizing activities also help to reduce costs and increase production capacity, as processes will be less manual and carried out with a gain in intelligence.

Impacts On Business Routine

Digital transformation is much more than creating a Facebook page. It involves understanding the needs of consumers and employees and using new technologies so that processes gain speed and efficiency. That is, you will offer a better service.

There are no limits to possibilities for a company to be able to implement digital transformation. For example, establishments such as supermarkets and bookstores that operate in an automated and digital way are already common. In such cases, the consumer pays for purchased and consumed items. As a result, customers face fewer queues and can easily carry out their actions.

Think of manual processes like customer service. Automation makes discovering consumers’ needs to deliver a personalized experience easy. This way, the approach will be accurate when considering their difficulties and desires. As a result, you will have more satisfied customers who feel inside the business processes.

Digital transformation can be employed in several sectors. This favors better opportunities to be mapped to outline the work plan; thus, the company can offer a  positive, satisfactory, and convenient experience for people.

And another relevant point is that companies guided by this transforming culture manage to improve the distribution of productive capacity. They scale their operations by taking advantage of the home office format.

The Way For Companies

See now what paths you should take to raise your company’s level and achieve the expected results.


You’ve seen plenty of models for your company to be inspired by, but before you start thinking about what can be done, you must deeply understand the company’s current structure and processes.

What is the internal policy currently? How are the teams organized? From this information, it will be easier to understand the objectives that need to be achieved and the support guaranteed by digital transformation.

This part is important since you must determine the point of arrival to start a new path. That is why planning is so important, helping to minimize risks with a financial analysis that allows designing options based on the business scenario.

Otherwise, the processes may need to be aligned, causing the investment not to provide the expected results.

Team Engagement

Employees know exactly how to perform their duties. Therefore, any new action that changes the operational logic must have the support of professionals.

Therefore, it is necessary to show how digital transformation directly impacts, and for the better, the lives of the company, consumers, and employees. This stimulates positive expectations, aligning the different stages and showing how each member is fundamental in the process.

Employees will also need to undergo training to understand how to act. More than that, the mindset must be changed so that people understand why to put the customer first and act in a digital environment with solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Automation by robots ( RPA), and Big Data.

The Relevance Of Customer Satisfaction

You noticed that digital transformation is a path of no return. Companies that want to grow and stay in the market must adapt. It is a job that needs to be planned and gradual, always focusing on improving the customer experience. Therefore, it must be at the center of strategies.

Unfortunately, sometimes, automation can make it difficult for a consumer to perform services. In that case, public perception may be worse.

Imagine, for example, the case of a user who wants banking assistance through the application’s chat. When starting, it is attended by a Virtual Intelligence bot. As the case is more complicated, the robot cannot answer it, but instead of passing it on directly to an attendant, the system asks the user to rephrase his questions, which makes the waiting time for the service very time-consuming.

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