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Programming In Digital Marketing?

Programming In Digital Marketing: Programmers and developers are professionals specialized in the field. They can develop basic and complex systems, websites of all kinds, artificial intelligence software, and other diverse solutions that require code development.

Therefore, they can also work in Digital Marketing and develop applications like the aforementioned examples. But it is not necessary to be a programmer to use programming in Digital Marketing.

Knowing the basics of programming already helps Digital Marketing professionals understand the codes behind websites and applications that are part of their strategies. With this knowledge, it is possible to talk to programmers who are part of the team to develop a page and optimize or adjust the site.

A little more knowledge allows the Digital Marketing professional to develop solutions that optimize their strategies. But of course, with advanced knowledge or training as a programmer, anyone who works with Digital Marketing becomes an even more complete professional.

What A Marketer Needs To Know About Programming

Programming and Digital Marketing are in the same universe: the internet. Therefore, learning to code tends to help marketers create better solutions and strategies.

Next, we’ll show you the primary knowledge and languages ​​you should learn to understand and create your first codes. Check out:

Programming Logic

Knowing programming logic means understanding how to write a website, software, application, or other application types so that the machine correctly interprets what it should do. This knowledge is essential to learning any programming language, each logic.


HTML is in the code of almost every website and the page you access on the web. So it is essential to learn about web development and know-how to optimize a website with SEO. It is a markup language used to define the meaning and structure of content, usually in conjunction with CSS and JavaScript.


JavaScript is one of the leading web development languages. It adds dynamics to pages to interact with the user and provides a better experience than creating static pages. With this knowledge, you can add scripts to pages, such as Google Analytics code that reports data about the site.


While HTML defines the structure and JavaScript adds dynamics, CSS creates a more attractive website look. It is a style sheet language representing the colors, fonts, and other editing possibilities in a single document. It is also essential for creating a more relevant and exciting user experience.


SQL is a structured database query language. It serves to execute commands in the databases so that the pages interact correctly with the users and provide the answers and information they want. With this knowledge, you begin to deal with data and interpret it to extract data from it.


Python is one of the most used languages ​​today, as it has simple logic and is easy to learn and apply. Although it can be used in web and mobile development, Python excels in machine learning and data science applications, as it has a large processing capacity. With this language, you can start creating more complex systems.

Programmers Can Work In Marketing Teams

Marketing teams can involve professionals from various fields. Those who work with Digital Marketing have a complete view but generally do not have specific and advanced knowledge in programming and design, for example, essential in this area. So, if a company wants to build a complete, interdisciplinary marketing team, it can count on programmers. 

As a Digital Marketing professional, you can learn about programming to understand the codes and better interact with these professionals. But you can also complete training in programming and create your code. Therefore, learning about programming, the main languages ​​, and the logic of codes can help you have better Digital Marketing results.

This knowledge makes it possible to create a better experience for users of websites, pages, and applications and improve their ranking on Google. The programming of artificial intelligence systems also allows dealing with large volumes of data to develop advanced algorithms, generate business intelligence and make better decisions.

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