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Security Management: Companies Should Redouble Care

Security Management: Hackers saw the rise of working from home as an opportunity to try to steal information from companies and attack their employees.

According to a Kaspersky report, there was a 330% increase in attempted cyberattacks in 2020, with two out of three targeting companies.

Another relevant information is that not all companies invest in cybersecurity, which further increases the risks of stolen critical data.

The General Data Protection Law (LGPD or Law no. This means that the measures used to adapt the company to the LGPD will also contribute to the protection of corporate data.

How To Manage Your Company’s Data Security?

Security management is a broad topic and involves different aspects. One of them deals with the behavior of employees, as it would be useless to invest in new technologies if the staff does not take the necessary precautions to avoid virtual attacks.

Failing to train staff can increase business risks as staff’s lack of knowledge can hamper it. In this case, it is necessary to implement a culture focused on innovation, making the team understand the importance of security management and be willing to adopt measures that prevent virtual attacks.

For this, the manager can carry out workshops, training, and informative campaigns on attacks and leave a space for discussion on the topic and for users to ask questions. It is also interesting to elaborate on an Information Security Policy, which brings rules and standards for information protection.

This document contains information such as:

  • whether the person or company computer will be used;
  • programs that can be accessed or not via home office;
  • use of the company’s virtual private network (VPN);
  • software update policy;
  • backup schedules ;
  • password policy;
  • among other information.

With a good culture of innovation in place, the company can invest in remote work security management solutions, which will be explained in the next topic.

What Are The Leading Technological Solutions For The Protection Of Your Company?

Each technology plays a different role in managing the security of corporate data. See an explanation of each of them below.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) establishes a secure connection when using public networks. This technology has different purposes, such as protecting browsing activities, offering online anonymity, or providing access to websites restricted to specific regions.

Insecurity management, VPN protects the user from unreliable Wi-Fi access. In practice, it forwards traffic from the private network to an external one and encrypts the information, making it unreadable for third parties trying to obtain it.


This is a security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and allows or blocks specific accesses according to predefined rules. If there is a suspicious attempt to access, the Firewall will automatically block it.

Access Control

In the field of information security, access control encompasses three processes:

  • authentication: identifies the user accessing the system;
  • authorization: determines what each authenticated user can do within the system;
  • Audit: informs users’ actions, enabling the tracking of all activities carried out by employees.

Imagine that a criminal tries to access the company’s system. In this case, it will be thanks to Access Control that he will not be able to do so. Another example is that when an employee performs harmful practices to the security of the business, the manager can know exactly what was done.

Updated Apps

Failure to update applications and operating systems jeopardizes company security, as hackers can exploit flaws in old lines of code. In addition to fixing these vulnerabilities, updated versions also provide better usability and reliability to the program or system.

Please be aware that this update must cover all servers, workstations, and devices in the company.


Antiviruses monitor computer activities to detect, prevent and remove malicious programs. Some antiviruses also provide email protection, VPN, mobile extension, and safer search in search tools.

Remote Access

This is the ability of a device to access another computer (or computer network) from a distance. This is exceptionally useful when working remotely, as sending technical support to the employee’s home is impractical whenever a technical problem occurs.

For example, when an emergency security breach occurs, the responsible professional will immediately use remote access to apply the necessary security measures.

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