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Vertex AI: What Do You Need To Know

Vertex AI: Google is a reference for technology, IT infrastructure and innovation. In 2021, the company innovated again, launching a new platform on the market that is part of Google Cloud services: Vertex AI.

This platform is a machine learning environment brought by the company for users to train systems and models.

But do you know how Vertex AI works? Do you understand the main advantages of this novelty and the differentials it offers? Still, have a question about this new Google Cloud member? Then it’s time to find out!

Read on and find out all about Vertex AI right now!

What Is Vertex AI, And What Is It For?

Vertex AI is a Google Cloud solution launched in May 2021. It is a platform for developers to quickly develop and implement machine learning systems.

Machine learning is a crucial tool companies use, especially for automated activities. It refers to creating code that allows machines and programs to learn over time, looking for solutions or patterns on their own in data or actions performed.

The problem is that machine learning is a complex technology involving many steps for code modeling and developers’ time investment to create and test the system. Vertex AI arrives precisely to solve this problem, offering a platform for developing and applying machine learning in a simple and fast way, even requiring fewer lines of code for programming.

What Are The Features Of Vertex AI?

Vertex AI presents a series of features for you to create, implement and even scale the machine learning model. 

  • construction of datasets;
  • control of built models;
  • auto ML;
  • training of customized models;
  • integrated Big Data solutions;
  • access to Google Cloud APIs;
  • ability to build machine learning in one place, no migration required.

What Are The Benefits Of Vertex AI For Your Business?

Vertex AI offers a series of benefits for your business, mainly regarding agility in the development and quality of processes. Want to know what they are? So read on and find out!

Ease Of Use And User-Friendly Interface

One of the differentials that Google offers in its services is the ease of use of the resources of its platform, in line with the friendly interface. And this is also true of Vertex AI.

You can already identify a friendly and easy-to-use interface when opening the platform. Access to the features is intuitive, as is the visualization of the created models and the management of each one of them. In addition, it is easy to use, presenting simple, efficient programming and with several valuable features, such as Big Query, Data proc, and Spark.

Creating Templates With Fewer Lines Of Code

When more lines of code are needed to create a model, the greater the chances of error, right? In this way, having a platform that requires fewer lines with simpler code is a great way to increase the productivity of your IT team.

This is another advantage of Vertex AI for your company. The solution requires up to 80% fewer lines of code for programming. In this way, you can develop solutions and train systems simply and quickly, even reducing the number of errors.

Agility In Prototyping And Development

Another benefit that Vertex AI offers your company is the agility when it comes to transforming raw data into machine learning models. That’s because, due to the platform’s ease of use and unique features, your team can perform this activity in an agile and efficient way.

When starting the process, Vertex AI already suggests the best patterns and models that can be used in development. With this, the platform can access the data you have entered and start the process of identifying patterns and creating models.

You need fewer lines of code which also helps in this process. After all, the fewer lines, the faster the development and the identification and correction of possible errors that may arise.

End-To-end Training Possible

For training systems and models in machine learning, developers often need to use more than one tool or platform. This makes the process complicated since it is necessary to perform the data migration and restart the process in another tool.

This issue is also resolved with Vertex AI. This platform allows you to carry out all the training in one place, from the input of raw data to the completion of the process. In this way, the team gains efficiency, quality of the results generated and agility in developing machine learning models.

How To Start Using Vertex AI In Your Company?

Did you like the solution? So now it’s time to understand a little more about implementing it in your company.

You need to contact the sales team to understand how best to count on Vertex AI in your Google Cloud service package. At this point, having a specialized company can be very advantageous. After all, consulting can help to identify the best solution and understand the best way to implement it in the company, performing the migration with security and tranquility.

As you can see, Vertex AI is another new feature of Google Cloud that brings innovation and efficiency to the IT team of companies. With so many benefits, it can be an excellent solution for anyone who wants to develop machine learning models and apply quality automation. So, please take advantage of the information in this article to learn more about Vertex AI and understand how to implement it in your company.

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