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What Are The Benefits Of SAP On Google Cloud?

SAP On Google Cloud: One of the biggest challenges for companies of all sizes and segments is managing a massive volume of data.

Managers need to work with a lot of information regarding sales, supply chain operations, customer service, etc. Digital innovation has become a priority, and many organizations have joined the SAP system.

It is a market leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, winning thousands of customers worldwide. The system is used to manage organizational processes and optimize the flow of data and its centralization. It is essential to ensure information integrity and avoid duplication.

Want to understand the benefits of SAP on Google Cloud? Keep reading!

How To Migrate ERP To The Cloud?

Challenges related to downtime and difficulties of rapid growth can be overcome as digital transformation advances. One way to achieve this goal is to migrate ERP to a scalable and flexible infrastructure or to move SAP to the cloud. See below how the migration from SAP to Google Cloud Platform occurs!

  • lift-and-shift: SAP is moved unchanged to Google Cloud Platform via a staged approach;
  • update: SAP is migrated, and its lower layers are updated on Google Cloud;
  • extend: SAP functions are extended with leading-edge technologies and tools from Google Cloud.

Migration is fast and generates excellent results for users, considering that SAP is essential for the growth of companies. The ERP will execute purchase and sales orders, consolidate results, record costs and control materials. The system, in turn, allows for data centralization, reducing risks, losses and collaboration between teams.

What Are The Benefits Of Having SAP On Google Cloud?

Google Cloud is the best option for companies that intend to place their SAP applications in the cloud, as it has a certificate for executing these solutions. The user who opts for this platform finds optimized resources and manages to extract maximum efficiency, and does not face server limitations or unexpected interruptions. Look ahead for other advantages!

Total Cost Reduction

Google Cloud Platform helps companies to reduce their costs with the help of a discount policy for those who put SAP in the cloud. One way to save is to get a long-term use benefit, which is automatically applied to instances that you use daily. Businesses save 30% monthly.

Assertive Analysis

By placing SAP on Google Cloud, the company can integrate data with Big Query quickly and easily. Given this, it becomes possible to perform predictive analytics to understand the business better. This cloud storage platform works with large volumes of information and without a server.

Security And High Performance

Google’s data centers meet strict quality standards and have security certifications that are very relevant on the world stage and connected by the most extensive private backbone network. As a result, its solutions are a benchmark in privacy, data protection, security and high performance, as well as reducing the need for hops to connect clients and servers.

Enhanced Experience

Google Cloud has been integrated with collaborative tools, Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, and numerous cloud solutions. If SAP is allocated on your platform, many processes are automated, productivity improves, and the user experience improves. Some interesting examples are identity and access management (IAM) and the existence of applications that simplify routines.

What Is SAP On Google Cloud For?

The biggest reason for making this decision is that Google’s objective aligns with the business’s digital transformation needs, and its resources leverage the use of SAP. Google Cloud Platform is a single, performance-scalable, integrated, valuable platform for many user applications. Check out some details!

Risk Reduction

An SAP user can run and access backend instances using just one frontend virtual IP anywhere in the world, with the help of a global load balancer. Google Cloud uses encryption to protect data, reduce risk, and minimize downtime. Not to mention the personalized support that is available.

Simplified Deployments

With SAP on Google Cloud, your company will have cost provisioning because the charge depends on the usage that can be decreased or increased as demand. If you use 60 seconds, you will only pay for that one minute. Deployments are simplified, virtualization is complete, and your business gains agility and partnerships for all migration options.

Intelligence And Innovation

Google Cloud Platform provides the best infrastructure for SAP and is a leader in the Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) integration, data management and robotics segments of SAP products. The union of the solutions provides tools for streaming and batch data processing with open source programming.


Migrating from SAP to Google Cloud is suitable for auto-scaling, information security and high reliability. Downtime is reduced to virtually zero, thanks to the Live Migration feature. The system offers the opportunity to decrease failures and gain more elasticity and five layers of AI-enhanced data protection.

Disaster Recovery

The move gives businesses the ease of disaster recovery and improved continuity capabilities. The SAP infrastructure in a cloud environment makes applications accessible and available anytime as long as there is an Internet connection. This makes it easier to carry out business activities and recover lost data.

Resource Economy

As already mentioned, migrating SAP to the cloud means cost reduction. It represents savings in operational expenses related to on-premises infrastructure, and the need for software renewal or hardware upgrade is covered. In addition, managers can view and share data with other decision-makers.

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