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Video Marketing: Gain Public Trust With Audiovisual

Video Marketing: Do you want to surprise your audience but can’t think of innovative digital marketing strategies? Normal! With each passing day, it seems more complicated to attract new customers.

After all, there is a competitive market and a barrage of information online. However, with some imagination and creativity, you will realize that there is always a solution. Today, for example, we are going to talk about video marketing. So keep reading!

Video Marketing: The Rise Of This Strategy 

With the coronavirus pandemic, digital marketing has undergone a revolution. First, brands needed to promote more intangible values ​​in their organizations. Thus, it was possible to perceive that strategies focused on brands and their values ​​had more space than those focused only on products.

Second, because of social isolation, many people stayed at home. And yes, while it’s nothing new, video marketing is an area that has seen a substantial boost since the outbreak of the health crisis early last year.

This is because, amid home office work, distance classes, and home activities, people began to consume more audiovisual content. 

Confinement and social media, then, played an important role. Most of all, thanks to platforms like YouTube and the proliferation users and Instagram, the platform’s Stories and reels functionality.

In this context, if this were already a growth strategy, video marketing would have become one of the best alternatives to transmit messages in times of COVID-19. Even if it is educational, informative, or strategic content, it can always be fun, and this is a vital factor for users.

Video Content Can Be The Key To The Success Of Your Marketing Strategies

The creation of digital content is something that has taken on increasing proportions. In addition, every marketing action aims to create an effective bond with the public.

Therefore, strategies should always be planned according to the brand’s target audience and thinking about the present. While still images and text are essential for a successful campaign, videos are a much more attractive format for users.

The reason? An urgent need to seek fun and share a format that allows people to get closer. And the fact is that video has essential advantages over other types of content.

With the internet buzzing with video streams, augmented reality content, and 360º interactive pieces, it’s clear that video marketing is the hottest strategy. Using it, therefore, can mean getting a new lead, a new customer, or, most importantly, a loyal customer who repeatedly chooses you over your competitors.

Why Produce Audiovisual Content For Your Brand?

We are super informed by so much information, blogs, web pages, social media posts, and images. Content on the web has no limits, so video marketing tries to capture attention more dynamically and separate itself from the rest, thanks to audiovisual resources.

This gives brands greater credibility and is a strategy that should be used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • It is a very suitable format for implementing narrative and storytelling strategies;
  • It helps to show transparency, presenting the most human side of a brand to the public, telling its story in a personal way;
  • It’s a fun and comfortable format to consume
  • Allows you to send a strong message in a short time;
  • It allows to combine of pure and straightforward information with emotional and experiential, causing a substantial impact on the user;
  • It better retains the user’s attention;
  • Improves brand and information recall;
  • It has a high potential for virtualization;
  • It allows you to create a more authentic image of the product offered, increasing conversions.

And What Are The Advantages Of Doing So?

The advantages of implementing video marketing strategies are numerous. Like, for example increasing ROI and audience engagement. Audiovisual messages can also generate more interaction on social networks and enhance your brand’s reach in the online world.

It is also worth mentioning that it is a work that involves several areas, supporting colors, sound, graphic design, voice, and words. Thus, it transmits messages linked to the brand and its identity while giving it more dynamism and freshness.

Users impacted by this strategy can become potential customers, as your videos can generate emotions and empathy in the audience. As a result, your results on social media can be surprising. But not only that, but video marketing also helps with SEO positioning.

Numerous Possibilities With This Strategy

As well as building good content in text and still images, audiovisual production also brings countless possibilities. You can do, for example:

  • Ads, which can be used in any marketing campaign but are usually quite effective when combined with a good storytelling strategy;
  • Making of, in which you can share with the audience how a particular campaign was created. In this way, you can present the work “behind the scenes” and show the incredible dedication they have to their clients;
  • Video tutorials are a strategy concerned with offering users helpful content. It’s a great idea to improve the brand image, humanize it and build customer loyalty;
  • Streams or live videos are an excellent option to show your customers what’s happening behind the scenes at your company. This type of content is very effective in making your brand known and getting closer to customers on a more personal level;
  • Entertainment content associated with your brand helps drive engagement and keep audiences connected to your brand.

Although video marketing is an excellent option for the digital world, you need to understand your niche and align everything according to your target audience.

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