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What An Ultrabook Is, And Is It Suitable For Your Company

What is an ultrabook, and what are the advantages of corporate use? Sometimes, when we look for new or used portable computers in retail, we feel surprised by the variety of machines and their names, right? So let’s clarify some details for you.

Hybrids, gamer notebooks, netbooks, laptops and now Ultrabook’s! It all seems difficult to understand, but once you know the definitions and other important features of these parts, you won’t have any more problems with them. 

PC, ultrabook or notebook, which one to buy? Read carefully before thinking about which one to buy.

What Is An Ultrabook?

The materials that explain what an ultrabook is indicate that this product works similarly to a notebook despite being a thinner, lighter and more energy-lasting device.

The “ultra” concept emerged in 2011 in Intel’s laboratories, with engineers focused on developing the most portable notebooks in retail.

The thinness and lightness allow you to move the machine to different locations far from the office without many worries related to battery life or excessive weight when carrying it. 

Is There A Difference Between A Notebook And An Ultrabook?

You were wrong if you thought there was no difference between a notebook and an ultrabook. Notebooks cost less, can have larger screens and are more powerful, while Ultrabook’s are characterized by being more battery-lasting, light and very thin.

Notebook or ultrabook? The differences are in the structural characteristics that define each of these different categories according to the functionality of the devices. Among these aspects are prices, including on the used market, as pointed out by experts who dedicated themselves to explaining an ultrabook.

After all, what are the main differences between the notebook and the ultrabook? Now that you know better what an ultrabook is, the time has come to understand in more detail the points that differentiate the device from the famous notebooks:


Once you have a good understanding of what an ultrabook is, choosing the equipment for your company will become easier.

The product comprises Intel processors and HD capacity but usually depends on SSD disks for storing heavier data.

Lightness is always a highlight in its versions, and battery life can reach up to 9 hours of continuous operation (on average, 6 hours if videos are played a lot).

According to Intel itself, this machine can withstand an incredible seven days on stand-by unplugged, and, in addition, there are already models that have practical touchscreens.

Some middling power productions cost more than a powerful notebook. While there are editions with Core i7 and Core M chips, they generally don’t outperform the best notebooks.

Ultrabook’s also have the advantage of quickly turning on or off, with operating systems that start-up considerably quickly. You will see in practice what an ultrabook is when you press the power button, and in less than 1 minute, you will have the machine ready for use.


It is the first portable computer in history. More significant, more expensive and thicker, there are models with powerful graphics cards perfect for advanced graphic analysis work or even audiovisual editing.

The products weigh up to 3kg, and due to their power, such machines are used in the corporate environment to replace PCs, generating more free space in the office and mobility for employees.

Notes are more robust and offer many hardware benefits at a more affordable cost. They also tend to provide dedicated memory, a CD/DVD drive, and a 1TB HDD or more, among other technical capabilities that make them an extremely reliable piece.

The main differences between notebook and ultrabook are summarized in the table below: Features Notebook Ultrabook Usability Best inside the office (More powerful)Better outside the office (Lighter and longer battery life) Maximum screen size/thickness/weight 17″ / 3cm / 3kg15″ / 1.5cm / 1.5kg Average battery life 4 hours9 hours.

PC, Ultrabook Or Notebook: How Do I Choose The Ideal One For My Company?

Regardless of the demands that will guide your choice, the fundamental thing is to invest in machines whose brands are offered by companies specializing in the used car trade, particularly if your business needs many devices to perform daily tasks.

PCs win in case strength and unlimited hardware capabilities compared to portable computers. It is possible to develop editions that can even function as servers, although using the server itself is unbeatable in some cases.

A desktop does not have external hardware integrated but is dock able. If the keyboard breaks, for example, simply replace it with another unit to continue the services. For laptops, such problems can require hours of maintenance and outages.

Several organizations replace PCs with used notebooks to have more free space in the workplace without losing operational performance.

In the section above that explains what an ultrabook is, you already noticed the particularities of this other product: lightweight, able to stay in your backpack for days on stand-by without weighing too much on your back and agile when turning on. A great solution to accompany you on long working days outside your company.

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