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What Are The IT Innovations That Are Booming In The Post-Pandemic?

IT Innovations: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, Cloud, and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions gained momentum in the pandemic.

Thus, technologies that already had a high trajectory had accelerated growth. In the United States, there have been tests of deliveries in driverless electric cars. In China, the company Neola created an autonomous van to distribute medicines in regions with a high concentration of the new coronavirus.

Startups put on the market several apps with exceptional services. For example, the Simba Bag is used for people to try on clothes from a store before buying them.

So many IT niches have evolved in these difficult times. In fact, contrary to other segments, the technology market is booming. Below, we have prepared some topics on the central IT innovations stimulated by Covid-19. Come with us to check it out!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

An excellent example of technological innovations was the AI ​​algorithm of the company Portal Telemedicine. This startup has developed a system that recognizes diseases from X-ray images and CT scans. This solution was supported by Google Cloud and served to support the work of doctors.

In addition, artificial intelligence in companies has also grown. After all, many voluminous and repetitive processes had to be automated with the help of AI. The CNI (National Confederation of Industry) says that the Industry 4.0 niche has faced the pandemic better than companies lagging in innovation.


Another sector that gained space in the market with Covid was the omnichannel segment, emphasizing the connection between WhatsApp and chats on websites and e-commerce. With many of the physical stores closed, investing in the positive experience of online users has become the way to mitigate the losses.

A survey by Nielsen reveals a 47% growth in online sales in 2020 compared to 2019. In this scenario, it was necessary to increase visibility on the internet with the presence of organizations in multiple interconnected channels.


With the e-commerce explosion just mentioned, the amount of work to maintain virtual means of customer service has also skyrocketed. Thus, another IT segment boosted by the crisis was chatbots, which enable intuitive experiences based on customer goals.

In the omnichannel shopping journey, the presence of these robots is almost mandatory. At least to sort out the demand that comes to human operators. Furthermore, according to a study by Markets and Markets, the chatbot industry will grow by 30% by 2024.

Cloud Computing

Such a rapid transition from physical work to the digital universe would not be possible without cloud services. To give you an idea, call center companies were able to put entire teams in remote work thanks to the cloud. It was sufficient to provide the staff with a computer and internet. Thus, the full integration of these systems received cloud technology, and each employee started to work from home.

One more interesting point to keep an eye on is fog computing (fog computing). In this case, it is a technology capable of processing data with better performance than the cloud. It will play an important role, especially in IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

Scientific Technology

We cannot leave out scientific IT when we talk about technological innovations. We can say that she has been the great heroine in this adventure that has become the plot of the new coronavirus.

But there are many aspects to be highlighted which would not fit in a single text. For this reason, we decided to talk about RNA vaccines made with tiny fragments of DNA injected into cells.

This method “copies” viral proteins, “outwitting” the immune system. Thus, the person vaccinated with this immunizer receives protection against the most severe covid-19 evils. Examples of this technique are the vaccines from Modern and Pfizer/Bio NT.

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