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How Do Industries Use Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is characterized by using computational machines with mechanisms that resemble human reasoning, being able to think and solve problems.

A few decades ago, many imagined how technology would influence our lives in the future. We are not yet in the era of flying cars, but the digital transformation has revolutionized the way we live and work.

An example of this is artificial intelligence in the industry, which has opened up a world of possibilities for process optimization. In the industrial area, technology makes production more flexible and efficient, even if it involves products with a high degree of complexity.

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What Are The Uses Of Artificial Intelligence In Industries?

Software and mechanisms developed from artificial intelligence can be used at different industrial levels, mainly contributing to the digitization and automation of processes.

According to a survey by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), in 2018, 48% of large companies intended to invest in 4.0 technologies, and 17% were already investing in intelligent management systems and artificial intelligence. See below for the most common AI applications in the industrial sector.

Real-Time Data Leverage

Often, companies record a massive loss due to nonconformities that are only noticed at the end of the production process. Through the sensing and connectivity brought by AI, the machines make it possible to use and analyze data practically in real-time, making decision-making possible at the exact moment of collection.

Thus, it is possible to have complete and accurate visibility over the entire manufacturing process of the industry. The area manager and his team can identify errors and the need for predictive maintenance actions and improve the planning of resource use.

Correction Of Inefficiencies

Inefficiency in operational processes can create bottlenecks in the production line, in addition to causing countless losses. In this sense, AI also contributes to recognizing and analyzing the root cause of adverse situations much faster than if the correction depended on people, as they would need to evaluate the correlation between thousands of variables to find the appropriate answer.

This is thanks to the use of historical data and predictive algorithms that can be applied to track the chain of events causing changes in production scale. As a result, any instabilities and other failures that impact the quality and yield of the production stages are corrected in record time.

Forecasting Occurrences Of Inefficiencies

More than identifying that something is not working correctly in its operational processes in real-time, the technology embedded in artificial intelligence allows the company to always be one step ahead, that is, to predict an event.

From the combination of preventive and predictive industrial analysis and the help provided by machine learning, the data can be used to predict results based on actions or the need for equipment maintenance. In practice, this means avoiding possible failures and increasing the productivity of the production area.

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain — supply chain management — is directly related to industrial processes. After all, the demand forecast determines what and how much the production line should produce.

In this context, AI is also beneficial, as it has tools that make demand forecasts more accurate. In this way, the company can prevent producing products that will not have an outlet in the market, which could lead to waste of raw materials and unnecessary costs, for example.

Why Is AI So Important To The Industry?

The implementation of artificial intelligence in industries substantially impacts the sector, given that it enhances the performance and results of operational processes. Better understand the benefits that make AI necessary for the industry’s evolution.

Increases Product Quality

The greater control over the production line established by artificial intelligence eliminates execution errors during the manufacture of products. Therefore, they are finished with the maximum quality and safety, which guarantees the satisfaction of the final consumer.

It Provides Innovation

Artificial intelligence comes to complement the innovation proposed by digital transformation. With even more advanced algorithms, there is the possibility of detecting and reacting in real-time — a factor that expands the domain of organizations over their applications and needs and continuously improves their infrastructure.

Ease Of Troubleshooting

Another point that makes AI highly relevant to the industrial sector is its high potential to solve operational and managerial problems. Suppose the industry is having difficulties managing the materials used in production. In that case, you can resort to automated tools to calculate quantities available in stock and demands for compliance with processes.

Which Industries Can Use AI?

All industries can take advantage of artificial intelligence. However, each sector uses it differently, which can accommodate its operating model. The logistics and inventory area can apply it to identify and control demands. At the same time, the automotive field can use it in the production chain or for predictive analysis to check the need for machinery maintenance.

The trend is that AI will bring even more innovations to the industry’s future, especially about the association of this technology with automation. The mechanism makes room for new work patterns, such as drones to irrigate crops in agriculture, something unthinkable a few years ago.

Have you seen how much artificial intelligence in the industry has impacted this critical area of ​​the economy? When applied strategically and with the proper support, AI increases the efficiency of production processes and makes them more flexible and reliable, resulting in high-quality performance.

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