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AI In Companies: How To Prepare For This Reality

Until recently, when we heard about Artificial Intelligence in companies (also known as AI or AI), it looked like something very far from our reality. However, nowadays, it already exists and grows more and more.

Machine intelligence can revolutionize the world in all its areas, from interpersonal relationships to providing services and offering products to customers. Of course, it could not be different with companies. See what the benefits of AI are and how your business can prepare for the arrival of this disruptive technology with the potential to change the world.

What Are The Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence?

Many, from better customer service to reduced operating costs. The vast majority of companies can benefit from AI and thus obtain even more satisfactory results.

According to a Deloitte survey, which interviewed 1,100 executives who understand artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies, 64% of companies can gain competitive advantages from their use.

The same survey brought up other interesting statistics:

  • 88% of companies intend to invest more in cognitive technologies in the next year;
  • 54% say they will increase spending by at least 10%;
  • 37% of respondents said their company’s investment in cognitive technologies was at least $5 million;
  • 82% of companies made profits through investments in artificial intelligence, with an average return of 17%.

Deloitte also claims that the deployment of AI systems can be done through cloud services and enterprise software, and best of all, with relatively low costs at first and little risk to the business.

Investments in AI-as-a-Service (AIAAS) grow 48.2% worldwide per year, which shows that companies are very concerned about adopting this technology and should be available more intensively in the market. Therefore, if your company wants to be at the forefront of this technology and enjoy its benefits before the competition, ideally, it is fully prepared for its implementation.

How Can A Company Prepare For Artificial Intelligence?

The company can take some steps to adapt to AI as quickly as possible, and the sooner this is done, the better. In addition to being one of the IT trends you need to know about, it must be part of your daily life. The benefits of this technology boost your company’s results and considerably improve your revenue. Some of the processes that can be adopted to adapt to artificial intelligence are the following:

Be Open To Change

Several tech trends for your company were likely a little strange at first, but once employees absorbed them, the results could improve. The same will happen with AI. Artificial intelligence came from classical philosophers, who described human thought processes as the mechanical manipulation of symbols. This gave rise to the invention of the programmable digital computer in 1940.

Think Strategically

Think about all the actions taken by your company. Could something be improved? If the answer is yes, artificial intelligence can likely help somehow since its area of ​​application is pervasive.

Business challenges become increasingly complex with new technologies, data analysis and comparison, systems integration, and process automation. So, AI has a big field to help. A great advantage is that its application can solve such problems and difficulties much faster and provide assertive results, with less chance of human error in the process.

Learn As Much As Possible About The Subject

There is practically no doubt that artificial intelligence is here to stay, especially with statistics that make this evident. So your company will be several steps ahead if you understand how this technology works.

Part of this learning concerns the adaptation of employees to its implementation since it is evident that many tasks that are now performed by human beings will be performed with the help of AI in the not too distant future.

By understanding how the system works, employees will think of a way to make the AI ​​work alongside them rather than on their behalf. After all, good professionals will always have their space in the job market.

Don’t Fight Technology, But With It

Anyone who tries to fight artificial intelligence, whether a person or a company, will likely lose the battle, as it comes with everything and is gaining a prominent position in the market. From now on, its development will be constant until it reaches the point where the job market will practically no longer know how to offer its products and services without AI.

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