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Artificial Intelligence: Optimize The Work In Your Company

Artificial Intelligence: Can you imagine OPTIMIZING your day and being able to fulfill those demands that need analysis and have been waiting for a while? 

Artificial intelligence has conquered space in the business world to contribute to the reduction of failures, cost reduction, increase profits, improve the quality of the workforce, increase productivity, and optimize the time of employees to more strategic functions. 

But, what about you? Have you ever stopped to think about what artificial intelligence is? What can change in your company or your office?  Lightly, I’ll tell you what it is and how it works in favor of your business. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Also known by the abbreviation AI, it is a technological advance that allows systems to simulate an intelligence very close to humans, making machines think like human beings making autonomous decisions.  AI makes management software more intuitive, with data analysis, integrating machine learning to learn from user behavior, adapting and developing new skills. 

Instead of programming rules to a machine and waiting for the result, we let the machine learn these rules on its own from the data, arriving at the result autonomously. It is the meaning of Machine Learning.

It works like this: you know those personalized recommendations on Netflix and Amazon that indicate the titles according to what the user watches? As you add data (watch more content), the system learns what you like and suggests titles later. 

How Can AI Work For Your Business? 

Just imagine training a machine to do all that repetitive work? Yes, this is possible!  Believe it or not, AI and other forms of advanced algorithms are already widely used in many systems worldwide, with the primary purpose of making machines that have management systems able to think about how humans perform a particular activity—reducing the time and probability of failures. 

It understands the importance of aligning artificial intelligence with ERP so that they have their advantages and are also following the technological changes in the market and thus provide customers with innovative technology to get ahead in serving their customers.

We have developed autonomous systems to optimize routine work with all this innovation. Meet:

1. Alexa

2. A.N.A

Alexa: Voice Command Tags

Thinking about the practicality and dynamics of the home office, some developed a feature that helps in the routine of employees who work from home. That’s how the Ponto Web integration with Alexa was born. This integration was possible because Alexa has its algorithm to understand the user’s intention.

Ponto Web is an electronic time system, with registration and administration of appointments in the Cloud, integrated with Persona, Payroll system. The company gains practicality in managing the timesheet through its functionalities since all records are combined. 

Improvement of the new feature will continue through conversations with the user. During these interactions, ‘ Alexa Skills ‘ will be learning to improve your mapping from contextual cues to latent goals.

To avoid giving useless recommendations and not to be boring, Alexa will have a technique known as bandit learning, a machine learning model that will determine if the offers are helpful or not, discarding the less accurate.

‘ Alexa Skills ‘ is currently only available in English for users in the United States and may already be implemented by developers in that region. Now appointments can be made by Alexa, by voice command. With all this technology, now it’s easier. 

ANA-DP: Autonomous Payroll Service 

They innovated with the first autonomous payroll system, providing time savings for those who work in executing payroll processes.  

The ANA tool is integrated with all electronic applications made available to its managers and employees, requiring only internet access on their smartphone or computer.

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