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5 Ways To Generate Business Through Social Media

Social Media: Social networks are today’s great communication tools. It is possible to generate many businesses with the best cost-benefit likely with them. 

However, it is necessary to know precisely which channel to invest in and in what way. Read the full article to understand a little more about how to generate business through social media.

Understand Each Communication Channel

Currently, we have 6 large social networks that are on the rise, with thousands of users and a great capacity to generate business through the Internet. Let’s talk about each of them below: 


The social network that revolutionized the digital world with the “like,” enabling more significant interactions and holding users’ attention for much longer, is still on the rise. As much as the new generations no longer use Facebook, an audience (40+) remains on the network. So if your product or service is for people in this age group, your company NEEDS to invest in Facebook.


The social network is the balance between Facebook (40+ audience) and Tiktok (younger audience), and also the best app for social selling (selling via social network) because it is convenient and intuitive, the social network holds different age groups with varying options of content: feed, story, and reels.


A social network different from the others, as it is exclusively for VIDEOS. It grew with tutorial videos and reviews of various products and services. There it is the consumer who speaks, the consumer who advertises, presenting positive and negative points of the brands.


The most serious of all. A place to talk only about work and academic achievements. It has rich, business-focused content.


The social network of inspiration. Its users don’t buy clothes or decorate their homes without creating an inspiration folder there.

Content Creation To Generate Value

When creating one or more of the social networks mentioned above, it is also necessary to think of a content STRATEGY to GENERATE VALUE for the potential customer

For example, having an Instagram and posting only motivational phrases will not make your business move. Think of clear and objective communication. Your followers want to know how your brand can be helpful in their life. Show utility, the problem your product or service will solve. Doubt. Show details and behind the scenes. This is called CONTENT MARKETING. 

Content Distribution

When creating your plan, understand which channel the content you produced fits into.  For example, your brand is for a younger audience, so it uses slang, current trends, memes in its language. It is possible to distribute this content in a VIDEO or an IMAGE (meme) on Instagram. However, using funny content on LinkedIn is unlikely to work. Consider how communication might fit into each social network and plan content separately by distribution channel.

Publication With Recurrence 

We talked about planning in the previous topic because you need a plan to post regularly. Don’t go days and weeks without posting. This impairs the delivery of your content to your followers (algorithms) and makes your brand fall by the wayside. The saying goes: “who is not seen, is not remembered.”.

For this, there are tools for planning and programming content, such as maps, a paid tool that allows you to schedule posts for weeks or months, making it much easier to organize your social networks. However, the Meta group also has a free tool called Creator Studio, which has the same function for its apps: Facebook and Instagram.

Interaction With The Public

Finally, the way to measure the success of your content is interaction with the audience. When making a post, follow the comments. Reply to all, interact. Always look at messages and respond quickly. Being present and close to your followers makes all the difference.  With these tips, it will be possible to generate a lot of business through social networks. Remember, the more active users are, the more business opportunities for your company.

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