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What Are The Main Advantages Of Investing In Robotized Service?

Robotized Service: Have you noticed how many banks, telephone companies, and other service companies are advertising their Artificial Intelligence and chatbots as customer service assistants?

New commercials introducing the solutions by name and explaining everything they can do pop up daily.

After all, this type of technology operates on websites, social networks, messaging applications, and calls, solving user demands without needing a human operator. It is an innovative way of relating to the consumer.

Based on its differentials, robotic service is gaining ground in large, medium, and small enterprises. But is it worth investing in it? Find out in this content!

What Is The Difference Between Humanized And Robotized Care?

While robotized service is all interaction with customers performed by robots and other automatic tools — Artificial Intelligence (AI), flobots, scripts, etc. —, the humanized service involves contact with people — company representatives, salespeople, support staff, etc. — even through digital channels.

Thus, the other differences between these two models are due to this, such as:

availability because when attendants are not needed, there is no time limit;

speed of response, as pre-programmed responses are automatically sent;

need for training, given that the technologies already have guidance on how to proceed in their programming;

ability to understand complex doubts or specific issues, as operators are not tied to flows and scripts when talking to consumers.

What Are The Advantages Of Robotized Service?

The option for robotized care is gaining strength. Much of this is due to the differentials it presents. Understand better which ones are next!

Increased Productivity

A human operator has a limit of requests he can handle simultaneously, right? They are often simple questions that do not depend on a deep understanding of the problem but take time.

The robotic service can respond to them and many more at once. This is because it supports more interactions without decreasing accuracy and quality. In other words, these tools increase the sector’s productivity.

Cost Reduction

It’s okay that there is an initial investment in technology for the robotic service to happen. However, it more than pays for itself. In the long term, there are savings with the reduction in the number of attendants, the end of overtime, and the improvement of processes.

Error Minimization

Even the most experienced and trained team fails eventually. Typing or misunderstandings, for example, can occur, and they mean a loss of quality in service or generate an incorrect positioning of the company when making decisions. One of the advantages of robotization is to avoid this.

Expansion Of Resolution

Regarding customer service, the public’s main complaint is the lack of resolution. Many simple questions take time to get answered in humanized care. With bots, they get automatic feedback that resolves the issue easily.

Greater Coverage

Robotization covers more service channels, covering written and spoken communication so that no consumer has difficulty contacting the enterprise. In this way, the customer’s needs when buying or using a company’s solutions are answered most conveniently for the public.

Improved Company Reputation

Agility and resoluteness in service, fewer errors, and access through different channels form the set of characteristics the public seeks. These benefits lessen communication problems and, as an effect, the company’s reputation improves. More than that, consumers start disclosing their positive consumption experiences with the business.

Customer Loyalty

In addition to the quality of contacts, the effort put into improving interactions is now perceived and valued by consumers, becoming a company differential. In this way, the business captivates the public, being remembered for new acquisitions in the future. The logic here is simple: a well-attended customer buys again.

What Is The Best Type Of Care?

Offering an intelligent service is the key to increasing sales and efficiently solving the public’s doubts. Now, it is necessary to define the best option: robotized or humanized. How about both?!

It’s no secret that digital transformation has shown that IT solutions are essential to make corporate operations viable, especially regarding the lack of personnel and the need to reduce costs to increase competitiveness.

Therefore, more and more companies have invested in the robotization of service, and, as a result, this practice is positively impacting their results. Just look at the list of benefits we present to you. However, not all demands that come to the chatbot can be resolved by it.

Regardless of being Artificial Intelligence or flow bots that direct the journey according to the customer’s return, these technologies have a limitation: what was programmed in them. The interaction automation tools can only answer simple questions about whose crypts have been registered.

Machine learning is helping with that. However, it has yet to eliminate human operators. In this case, using the two models in a complementary way is ideal.

The business can only gain by linking the advantages of robotic service available to all contacts with a second level of humanized service aimed at situations beyond the reach of this software.

After all, on the consumer side, there are already expectations that these innovations can only answer. Knowledge of the previous history of interactions, agility, objectivity, and precision are examples of what is expected from enterprises. However, if the challenge is to put it into practice, Mutant has an opportunity for entrepreneurs to obtain the differentials of these solutions and make them available to their customers.

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