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What Is A CRM Tool In Business?

CRM tools are becoming more and more popular with businesses. However, many structures are not yet equipped, particularly small ones. This situation is partly linked to the misunderstanding of the usefulness of this type of solution. This article aims to provide clarity on CRMs. What is it exactly? Who are they intended for? What is their interest? What are the selection criteria? Overview !

What Is A CRM Tool?

A CRM tool (for Customer Relationship Management) is software that allows you to manage customer relationships. It automatically collects information from a company’s customers and prospects and then centralizes it in a single database.

This information allows the structure to optimize its interactions with its contacts. Indeed, it is able to adjust its approach based on the data in its possession to offer a personalized experience. This results in better lead capture as well as better customer loyalty.

However, a CRM is not limited to its function as a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. It is also a solution through which a company can streamline its internal processes and increase its profitability. With the rise of SaaS (Software as a Service) software, it is now possible to access your CRM from any device connected to the Internet and equipped with a web browser. In other words, use in mobility or teleworking is perfectly possible.

Who Uses A CRM Tool?

CRM tools are used by businesses of all sizes in all industries. More specifically, their capabilities are leveraged by sales teams. By automating tasks like scheduling appointments, tracking emails, updating data, and more, salespeople can focus their efforts on prospecting and making sales.

A company’s marketing department is also affected by the use of a CRM tool. Indeed, the data centralized in this software promotes lead generation and targeting. What’s more, it includes useful features such as email campaign automation, CTA (Call to Action) creation, ad management, etc.

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On the other hand, a CRM system proves useful in customer service. Allowing access to the history of customer interactions with the company, it significantly simplifies ticket management and contributes to improving customer satisfaction thanks to the rapid and personalized processing of requests.

In addition, a CRM tool is useful to general management since it gives them an overview of the structure’s commercial activity. This allows managers to easily monitor business performance and make better decisions. 

Why Is A CRM Tool Essential For A Business?

It is in the interest of every company to deploy a CRM tool . Thanks to the centralization of data, it creates a 360° vision of prospects and customers. It thus improves the knowledge of contacts (their needs, their preferences, their purchasing behavior, etc.), which makes it possible to offer them a relevant offer and provide them with an individualized experience. As personalization is today one of the main demands of consumers, CRM software allows structures that equip themselves with it to have a real competitive advantage. By helping to set up personalized follow-up, it optimizes customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, a CRM tool promotes the alignment of different departments and stimulates collaboration. It breaks down data silos and makes it easier to access the information teams need to work together to achieve common goals. What’s more, it can integrate instant messaging. In this case, internal communication becomes more fluid.

Increased productivity is also among the advantages of a CRM tool. By automating repetitive and time-consuming processes, it significantly saves time that teams can allocate to carrying out high value-added tasks.

It is further important to emphasize that a CRM system improves decision-making. The latter can indeed be based on data. However, decisions based on data are not only more objective, but also more precise and more reliable.

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