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WhatsApp Sales: How To Integrate The Tool

Learn how to sell via WhatsApp and see the benefits it can bring to your business. Have you ever thought about how you can increase WhatsApp sales and better engage your customers? Save time! 

Why Use WhatsApp Sales?

WhatsApp is part of people’s daily lives in many ways. Many people start their days by sending group messages to friends and family. Others can only maintain contact with loved ones through the affectionate call of “zap”. Many still use WhatsApp for business and job postings.  

Nowadays, Companies have contact via WhatsApp, allowing many businesses to reach customers and negotiate sales. Thus, it is optional to create e-commerce, reducing creation costs and not needing a large service team, which doesn’t mean that WhatsApp sales can only be for quick calls. 

In addition to engaging more customers, the App generates significant vital data. WhatsApp sales don’t have to be improvised or restricted to startup companies only. The App also has the functionality to pay for WhatsApp itself. 

Adaptation Of The Commercial Project

If you have a sales team, including WhatsApp sales is essential for the benefits and gains in scale and speed. The first contact with the customer can be through the Application instead of calling or emailing. The seller can send a message asking for the user’s best times and days. 

Follow-Up And Fast Communications

The exciting thing is to use the Application for meeting reminders and follow-ups faster. Also, send videos and files, images and videos showing your products. These messages can be exploited even if they are aligned with the user. The important thing is to refrain from exchanging audio for calls. 

Sales via WhatsApp do not rule out other channels, such as phone calls and emails, but they complement each other. Regarding B2B, emails continue to be a way to involve more people in conversations and calls and video calls are very relevant in complex sales.

The intention is to facilitate time and explore a channel where potential customers are most of the day.

Top Tips For Selling via WhatsApp

Here are some valuable tips for selling through the App. 

Transmission Lists

A good strategy is not to use groups but transmission lists: you can send a message to 256 contacts with a list. So, people’s side conversations are okay with others. Always remember to be the most natural and not to push products. Create a broadcast list according to your sales funnel.

WhatsApp Business

Download WhatsApp Business: it is aimed at small, medium and large companies. The App helps you increase your sales and check metrics. It provides you with how many messages were sent by your team, messages delivered, and notes read. It also lets you send automatic messages and organize contacts with your purchase journey. 

Train Your Team

The WhatsApp sales team must know how to search well among them. During customer service, you can sometimes have different speech or email scripts or even the speech of a phone call. The tone on WhatsApp is different, and it needs to be more explicit, less mechanical. However, measuring the intimacy of the messages is necessary, and all this needs to be done in training.

Offer Relevant Content

The contents can be via audio, video, links, and text. I want the content to call the attention of consumers and for them to leave their feedback. And if a customer asks to be off the broadcast list, make sure you take them off and let them know.

Understand The Customer Stage

Create a messaging schedule. This way, you can separate what content you will send to your customers. This will help you move to another stage of the funnel. Remember to see who viewed the messages, and this is very important. 

Integrate CRM With WhatsApp

This strategy is essential for controlling the negotiations. Instead, you’ll have to work managing more operations. A great tip is to use What station, a free Google Chrome extension that connects WhatsApp Web to the CRM. 

Give Your Company Number For Them To Add

Start by asking them to send you a simple “hi” and then distribute your contact anywhere. It can be on a business card, folder, or post on Instagram; the important thing is to be seen. The decision rests with the customer from the moment he has the option to add him and thus decreases the blocking rate. 

Discover Other Features

The famous stories make their publications available for 24 hours, now also available in the App. It’s a good way for campaigns with discounts or new products.  

Ask Permission To Add The User

It’s a delicacy with the customer to ask for authorization, so you create a kinder bond with the consumer. The more interesting, the more chances you have to say “yes”. 

Use Mental Triggers

It is about encouraging the user in decision-making. A good example is scarcity, which induces the consumer to buy before the product runs out. Another trigger is the urgency that makes the user convert immediately to avoid missing the opportunity.

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