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8 Ways To Take Advantage Of WhatsApp Web For Business

One thing is for sure: it’s not enough to have WhatsApp Web Business if you don’t know how to take advantage of the tool. Thousands of companies use the app, but few have effective results.

To help with this, we have separated eight practical ways to use WhatsApp Web so that your company can make the most of the potential of this rich communication channel. Come on?

#1 Offer Quality Content

When you connect with friends and family through traditional WhatsApp, you like to receive frequent messages. But we’re not here; we’re talking about those good morning posts in the family group.

In the corporate application, you must offer relevant, quality content and not just focus on commercial messages. Produce valuable information suitable for each segment of your audience.

#2 Reply Fast

There’s nothing worse than trying to contact someone and taking days to get a response. Nobody likes that. Can you imagine when the contract is between the customer and a company?

Undoubtedly, you can miss the opportunity to be a more agile competitor. WhatsApp is a tool that, by itself, enables quick contact and even faster resolution. You will be frustrated with your contacts if you don’t meet this expectation.

#3 Pay Attention To Language

The app is more intimate, and closer doesn’t mean you can talk to the customer anyway. Respect your company’s positioning in terms of communication, be clear and cohesive, and never, ever, ever use pejorative or offensive words.

Also, avoid caps lock. This function is fine for an argument, but sounding like you’re “shouting” is bad for business.

#4 Don’t Create Groups; Create Lists

WhatsApp offers features to send a message to multiple contacts, optimizing this process. One is through groups, which you may already be familiar with.

However, in the group, people are “exposed” and may even come into contact with each other. Therefore, we prefer to create broadcast lists, where the message is sent to all connections simultaneously, but it will look like it was sent individually.

#5 Avoid Spam

Your audience continues to have complete control over the messages they receive or want to receive. So, yes, you can have a message reported as spam. Take care of the quality of your messages, content, or presentation, and avoid blocking!

#6 Be Organized

In any business and any role, the organization is critical. Imagine answering a question to the wrong person or charging a customer who is up to date with payments? Use the tags feature to organize your customers and keep the reason for the conversation up to date, avoiding slips.

#7 Keep Your Customers Up To Date

If the person has agreed to pass their number on to your company, they will appreciate being informed when your company has news.

What’s New: Don’t bother sending promotions or advertisements all the time. Remember how we talked about spam?

You can also recognize this audience that is connected with your company by advertising promotions exclusively for them before opening to the general public. It’s an excellent way to retain your contacts, don’t you agree?

#8 Establish Rules And Communicate Them

Just because you’re working with WhatsApp Web for Business doesn’t mean you need to be connected 24/7 (unless, of course, your support team is willing to work during that time).

You can set limits as long as they are clear to your consumer. Not available on weekends? So, how about programming an automatic response, informing the customer that you are trying to contact during this period? So he doesn’t go without a return, and his company doesn’t pass for sloppy.


WhatsApp Web for Business is an important communication channel, regardless of the type or size of business. IT is consulting, or outsourcing can be fundamental when managing new support demands.

However, before registering your business, it is essential to understand that the application requires planning and an effective strategy. Only then can it generate effective results.

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