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How Can Technology Optimize Company Processes?

Company Processes: The corporate world and the market are undergoing a true revolution. Today, it is essential to modernize the business, implementing technologies that favor the company’s healthy growth.

Otherwise, the tendency is to lag, losing ground to those with an up-to-date market view. In this sense, the concept of IT Health has been gaining more and more notoriety as it aims to make  IT management a strategic tool to generate value. With that in mind, we created this article with everything you should know about the subject — from the definition to the ways to implement it.

IT Health

The concept of IT Health refers to the “health” level of your IT environment. Its implementation aims to develop, create and maintain strategies that guarantee the company’s good performance. For this, it is essential to use the Help Desk and IT asset management and monitoring software.

This sector is no longer just “putting out fires” with the digital transformation. Today, IT is a tool that generates value for the business, becoming a critical competitive differentiator . A good management of your resources values ​​the brand, improves financial results, and helps to retain more customers.

Achieving a level of IT Health means investing in optimizing processes through adopting innovative technologies. Automation and systems integration are two good examples of how this can be done. And the emergence of this trend can be easily understood.

After decades of rapid expansion and technological evolution, the world market has become highly competitive. Consequently, the consumer has more power of choice — and has become more demanding.

Today, it is not enough to produce with quality and offers a low price – it is essential to create a unique experience and guarantee personalized service. In short, each customer should be treated as an individual, not just a number.

Technology In Optimizing Business Processes

Automating, integrating systems, digitizing activities, and reducing bureaucracy are ways to optimize a company’s processes through technology. All these practices facilitate the transformation of the work environment, making the company more proactive in its actions.

That means meeting market demands faster and more efficiently. However, this is not just an abstract idea to be considered in general terms — it is a change that affects the company’s departments individually and collectively.

Digitizing management processes, for example, makes activities simpler and can be monitored more closely. If the Help Desk is monitored using specialized software, it is possible to create email alerts for feedback on calls.

Thus, an idea that could be executed only once is automated, becoming part of the team’s routine. We are talking about a company that stops being passive and becomes proactive — teams seize opportunities but are also capable of creating them.

Regarding the problems that arise, the preventive approach also benefits from using technology. An  IT asset management system, for example, can identify the need for equipment replacement or even software updates much earlier.

So, the team anticipates difficulties and takes steps to ensure they do not occur. As a result, there is a significant cost reduction in all departments involved — and not just in maintenance. The lack of innovation makes the processes obsolete, and the company only acts reactively, spending more than necessary.

Technology values ​​the use of resources, both human and material. The financial industry professional who stops wasting so much time on bureaucracy and does his work through a unified system performs much better.

As we highlighted, the crux of the matter lies in transforming creativity into tangible actions according to the demands of your company.

IT And Customer Relationship

The customer relationship is an essential “thermometer” for IT Health. What companies are already realizing is that it is not enough to adopt measures to make this relationship closer — it is time to use technology to measure the strategy’s effectiveness.

To be successful in its customer service, the company must know its customers deeply. In the Help Desk, for example, it is necessary to collect data on the most common problems, map them and adopt measures to prevent them. Again, it’s about being proactive rather than reactive.

Implementing satisfaction indicators is also a necessary strategy: the company must listen to what its customer has to say, understand the moment they are going through, identify their preferences and transform this information into an opportunity.

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