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App Development: Creating Your Splash Screen

App Development: Please keep it simple, but get creative. The idea is not for the user to spend a lot of time on your home screen, as you want them to delve deeper into what your app offers.

So keeping the design simple is essential. However, you don’t want to be with a standard design, so don’t be afraid to get creative with colors, backgrounds, and logos. Your logo should be one of the leading home screen design factors, letting users know immediately who you are.

This is not the place to talk about who you are, your story, or how you have the best product or service available on the market, so keep text to an absolute minimum; The fact that you are showing a mobile app should already highlight the fact that you are at the top of your game.

Size Matters

How many different cell phones are there currently on the market? Hundreds, right? Each model or model has its screen size and resolution, so ensuring your home screen works at all sizes and answers is vital. For example, consider making a home screen for the latest iPhone; what about all those people who have an older version of the iPhone? That first impression won’t be a good one if they’re left with a distorted and poorly proportioned splash screen when they arrive at your app.

We only allow you to create and upload a splash screen; however, we ensure that the correct functionality is in place to resize each screen size effectively. This saves you the time to design different sizes and ensures that you are not leaving out any potential mobile customers, no matter what device they are on. When it comes to your home screen design, don’t worry if your first design doesn’t tick the right boxes.

Experimenting with the invention is imperative, as different background colors, logo placement, and drop more graphics will take some time to find the right combination. Using free tools like Canvas, you can try, try again until you find the perfect design to be your app’s welcome mat. This online tool allows you to select a custom size so you are not restricted to your templates, which means you can design for your designated home screen size, add different backgrounds, your uploads including logos and graphics—an extensive catalog of graphics, elements and fonts.

Make A Fun Design

Does your company have a fantastic character, theme or style? If so, why not introduce this to the home screen, instantly adding some fun and all the essential aspects are suitable for the design? As we mentioned above, keep the design simple as you don’t want to overwhelm the visitor or clutter the screen too much.

Show How Big Your Brand Is

Traditionally, one of the main ways a brand displayed a message to a customer was through a logo and a motto. However, a splash screen doesn’t lend itself to this or allow you to show how compelling your brand is visually. Instead, capture attention through stunning visuals that showcase your brand’s culture, ethics, and genuine spirit. It’s good if it’s images of the great work you do, the fantastic team at the disposal of a potential customer, or a series of graphics that show everything the user can expect upon entering your mobile app.

Creating a big splash screen for your visitors can go a long way towards improving the overall user experience, which is vital for any mobile app. Apple and Google both recommend launching screens to enhance the customer experience, and as the two major players in the mobile market, you’d be crazy to ignore this kind of warning! Having explored what makes a great home screen, it’s time to look at some that work. You’ll instantly notice how simple yet incredibly effective they all are from those below.

Nike + Running

Bold, bright and eye-catching. The dark red background is perforated by the iconic Nike branding, while the faint outline of the running track towards the bottom of the screen instantly shows what and who the app is aimed at.


As one of the biggest brands in the world, Facebook didn’t have to do much with the home screen. Simple, unambiguous and concise. All that’s presented to you is Facebook’s iconic white logo on the equally iconic blue background; what else do you need for an instantly recognizable brand across the world?


Skype’s home screen does just the trick to capturing the feel of an entire app. The colors suggest fun and excitement, just as you might experience when using the app to chat with friends and family worldwide, with the cartoon-style logo fitting perfectly into this cute design. Aiming to connect with your users in just a few available seconds, your home screen has a vital role to play in every customer’s experience with you online, so please take the time to explore the different rental options. Available to create a design that makes a great perception of your app.

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