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Artificial Intelligence: 7 Examples From Your Everyday Life

Initially, at various times of the day, we are in contact with artificial intelligence. We may not even realize it, but several are present out there.

To know more about these systems, check out seven examples of artificial intelligence in your daily life.

The Types Of Artificial Intelligence

Within the broad universe of artificial intelligence, there are several types. To facilitate your understanding, meet some of them.

Machine Learning

Also known as Machine Learning, this type of AI learns the rules and situations using data. Thus, the system arrives at results autonomously and, over time, follows its development even more assertively, without human interference.

A good example of this application is the use of streaming services, such as Netflix. The machine learns from your behavior with each new content you watch and stores your preference data. The app will indicate a series or movie that is within your taste in the next few times. 

Deep Learning

In Deep Learning, which we can translate as “deep learning,” complex algorithms contribute to machine learning. In this way, they can mimic the neural network of a human brain. With this, the machines perform activities like people, such as image identification and voice recognition.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

In the case of PLN, some of the Machine Learning mechanisms are used. This is to find patterns in large amounts of data, which will be used to recognize natural language. 

The objective is to try to develop a system with processes linked to the functioning of human language. Therefore, various types of software are employed in these situations. An example is through the analysis of texts, intending to recognize customers’ feelings, what they are looking for, etc.

Seven Examples Of Artificial Intelligence From Your Everyday Life

You already know some of the types of artificial intelligence. So it’s time to see some examples used in our daily lives that you can also use in your company.


The artificial intelligence that is catching the attention of many people is ChatGPT. This model interacts with people in a fluid and personalized way. Always with complex and surprising dialogues and answers!

He produces texts, does math, and even writes programming code. That is, this robot has the answer to almost any question. One last curiosity is that this algorithm is from the OpenAI company owned by billionaire Elon Musk.


Alana also contributes to this content construction by following the line of text assistants. However, it has a great differential. In addition to this great functionality that it already has, it is adapted to the reality of the language. After all, many words and contexts are lost when the text is produced by an AI in English.


Dall-E is an artificial intelligence capable of creating 100% original images, combining concepts, attributes, and styles of the most varied artists. The illustrations are made free of charge. Therefore, just register on the OpenAI website: Elon Musk’s company.


In the same style as the previous AI, we have Midjourney. This system generates images and drawings based on user descriptions. More recently, it was possible to test the beta version of this artificial intelligence on Discord for free. In this way, by making a good description, it is possible to achieve impressive illustrations.

Voice Assistants

Alexa, Siri, and Bixby are the most popular voice assistants within the most used operating systems. They can recognize behaviors, control household devices, schedule meetings, and appointments, and tell jokes. Therefore, there are many functions, not to mention that they can also adapt to your daily use.

Social Media And Streaming Algorithms

Be it Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, and Twitter, they all have well-defined algorithms. Have you noticed when you like a cat video and just this appears? So, that’s how they work, understanding user tastes and suggesting similar publications.

Chatbot With Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are perhaps the most present in everyday life. After all, when we talk to a company, we may get in touch with one of these robots. With artificial intelligence, bots can also improve with each contact, so much so that we often seem to be talking to a human attendant.

This, without a doubt, is one of the artificial intelligences that you can use daily, especially in your company. After all, with so many daily contacts, it is possible to optimize the services provided by human collaborators while the robots do the filtering (or sorting).

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