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Artificial Intelligence: Benefits And Risks For Your Life

Artificial Intelligence already exists, and it is exciting and also frightening. It has the potential to solve the most complex problems of today and the future. It’s a golden age; we’re about to let people do more than they could with AI.

Why Do We Want Artificial Intelligence?

To solve problems, have more prosperity, more health. That has to be the purpose. With Artificial Intelligence, computers learn to think and solve their problems; this gives us the ability to see and hear better, to have capabilities that we never had before.

By combining the skills of a doctor with an Artificial Intelligence system, it is possible to create new drugs that researchers have not been able to consider. With that, life expectancy could increase considerably. It looks like something out of a movie, but it will happen.

Scientists create Artificial Intelligence to chart the new paths of a new tomorrow; how this technology will impact our lives now and in the future is up to us.

Behind Artificial Intelligence

Many people think that intelligence is a mysterious thing and can only exist in biological organisms, but AI has been part of our lives. Without us realizing it, it is possible to evoke intelligence in a machine, such as the ability to learn and reason.

There is no definition. People use several practices and techniques to define technology; I think we can define it simply as the ability to achieve complex goals.

Artificial Intelligence is a non-biological intelligence and has many definitions, but briefly, when a machine acquires the ability to see and hear, it is considered artificially intelligent. Understanding language is one of the biggest challenges in creating intelligent machines.

Language Comprehension

From Star Trek’s computer to Her and Shin’s from ” Are You Human ?” sci-fi machines easily communicate with us. But making machines understand human language is one of the most challenging tasks for Artificial Intelligence today.

Understanding what is being said is extremely difficult for a computer; what we try to do in the natural process of learning a language is to ask ourselves what it means when we use these words in a sentence.

In the natural language learning process, we ask ourselves what it means when we use these words in a sentence, how are the penalties related to each other, is this word close to the other, and why? For humans, it’s an easy thing, but for computers, it’s something more complex.

One of the first advances was IBM’s Watson robot, a platform that surprises every day with its features. The platform has activities such as a personal assistant via voice command and a visual recognition platform that assists in cancer treatment.

Advantages Of AI

Even appearing to be something surreal and full of questions, Artificial Intelligence is capable of serving different areas and sectors of the economy. 

We can mention hyper-connectivity, where even machines and clothes can be connected to the cloud. With greater access to digital devices and the internet and the improvement of machines, computers may have modes of action based on pattern detection.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, AI has been used to assist in diagnostic tests and easily accessible applications that allow the user to answer questionnaires to identify the first symptoms and thus lead them to seek treatment more quickly.

Creative robots are already a reality. A robot was able to create a painting using the same technique as Rembrandt, but without copying any of his images, simply by detecting the painter’s pattern and making thousands of combinations. ROSS is also in the same line as IBM’s Watson, a robot that acts as a lawyer, listening to questions and accessing thousands of processes and legislation for research needed in the legal world.

Disadvantages Of AI

The disadvantages are mainly linked to the fact that it is a relatively new technology, which still raises ethical, social, and moral questions regarding its use since specific machines can threaten the employment of thousands of people.

In addition, the continuous use of Artificial Intelligence can generate social isolation and, consequently, physical and mental problems; to operate and maintain the operation of some machines and systems, specialized people are needed; the production and maintenance of machines with Artificial Intelligence demand high financial costs.

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