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Artificial Intelligence Is Not A Threat!

Artificial intelligence is already part of our daily lives; it arrived with many uncertainties; after all, it is something companies were not yet used to.

However, we already know that AI will be the future tool for companies to keep up to date, and with efficient service, it will be necessary to adhere to this innovation. 

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly evolving family of technologies that can contribute to a wide range of economic and social benefits across the entire spectrum of industries and social activities, revolutionizing medicine, entertainment, commerce, agriculture, education, transportation, and changing job profile offers and creating new products.

But there are also reasons for concern about the future driven by artificial intelligence technologies, which can bring about profound changes in the social fabric. There are two lines of the use of artificial intelligence that can undermine democracies and violate individual rights. The use of intelligence algorithms by social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, has already radically transformed several countries’ debate and political communication. 

But How Can The Company Differentiate Itself?

As one of its great benefits, AI has the optimization of time, both for companies and customers. So, to stand out in the competitive market we have, it is necessary to present much more than good service; offering a remarkable experience is essential. 

Virtual assistants are one of the successful resources, as they work with a humanized conversation, which can be used at the beginning of a service, providing their attendants with an introduction of what the customer wants so that, if necessary, they act with the solution in an agile way.

Have Artificial Intelligence As A Strategy

AI allows the machine to absorb service information at each interaction, so virtual assistants help with the simplest resolutions, advancing the internal process and enabling the customer to resolve their issues on the first call. These actions help the attendant be more productive and satisfied with the demand, reducing the turnover of professionals.

When the children and grandchildren of the robot and Artificial Intelligence are more intelligent and efficient than the most intelligent of humans (the supercomputer has already beaten the greatest chess player), humanity can become an inferior and useless race.

The Human Touch Will Always Be Needed In The Call Center

Despite all the evolution AI has made over the years, it is still not an innovation that replaces people, especially in call centers. And the big reason is the fact that artificial intelligence was not created to replace humans in customer communication; it was made especially to help improve that relationship.

Therefore, when we talk about the implementation of AI, it is necessary to centralize the customer experience, studying the profile of your audience and building a persona. From this action, the system will be fed and structured with the culture and values ​​of your business.

Artificial Intelligence In Service

Check out the main functions performed by telephony management systems with artificial intelligence:

  • Link tracking;
  • Calculation of the waiting time for service or during the call;
  • Calculation of the number of connections for a given period;
  • Performing tasks by voice commands;
  • Recording interactions via telephone.

With these functions, the company can overview the behavior of its customers and attendants during the call period. In this way, it is possible to understand which actions bring good results and which need to be improved to achieve consumer satisfaction.

As we have seen, artificial intelligence is not a threat to humans but a tool that provides more quality services. Job Home is a call center innovating through current technologies combined with professionals prepared to offer quality service! Want to know more about our services? Talk to one of our experts!

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