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Benefits Of A Productivity Platform For Your Business

The level of productivity platform in some companies is well below ideal. According to a study, only 39% of the workday is productive. This problem puts the business at risk and generates a disadvantage.

Therefore, a productivity platform is crucial. Platforms are helping to boost outstanding achievements; after all, they facilitate the management of human and material resources. In addition, they contribute to measuring performance indicators, analysis of primary objectives, and invested resources.

We know the importance of the subject, and that’s why we created this article. Today, you’ll learn what a productivity platform is and its benefits. Read on!

What is the Productivity Platform?

In a broader sense, a productivity platform is a digital tool that facilitates the management of company resources and, therefore, contributes to better results. With the arrival of Industry 4.0, it is even more in vogue.

Imagine a custom management system. The ERP has a series of functions that, when added together, make administration much more practical and effective and facilitate achieving excellent results. On the other hand, the lack of a state-of-the-art system could make operations more time-consuming, fail and mitigate productivity.

Other systems, such as process management (BPM) and project management (EPM) software, can fit as productivity platforms. With them, it is possible to do a better job and build a more competitive business.

How Does A Productivity Platform Work?

Today, only some excuses exist to leave work disorganized and waste time on what matters least. Every manager has platforms at his disposal that can help improve his performance and, therefore, the performance of the company where he operates.

The operation of a productivity platform can vary significantly according to each tool. But, generally, it receives, organizes, and makes crucial information available for good management. In addition, it helps in automating some tasks — such as generating reports and indicators — facilitating the manager’s work.

Imagine a Warehouse Management System ( WMS ). It receives information about products in stock, sorts this information, and presents it more practically to WMS users. In addition, it generates graphs and indicators that allow managers to decide and act effectively.

Without a productivity platform, work would be more time-consuming and imprecise than it is. Therefore, it is up to each manager to use this tool well!

How Can A Productivity Platform Help My Business?

This is a recurring question, and there are multiple answers to it. The productivity platform contributes to modernizing the business, aligning the team, and reducing the number of daily errors. All these factors help not only the company but also its target audience. Understand better:

Transition To Industry 4.0

We live in a new period of the industrial revolution. Current technologies are advanced and can automate much of the work. Companies that do not adapt to this reality run the risk of ceasing to exist as they lose competitiveness.

In this sense, a productivity platform helps with work performance and adapting to the new realities of the external environment, which is constantly changing. If everything is changing, the company must be prepared.

Even traditionally operational areas, such as HR, are reformulating their activities. According to a Deloitte report, approximately 56% of companies are reformulating their HR practices to take advantage of digital tools.

Greater Team Alignment

Technology also helps in aligning the work team. Professionals only sometimes act in harmony and fall short in what they do. When interviewing 38,000 professionals, Microsoft found that about 17 hours a week are unproductive at work — lack of direction is one of the main reasons.

Productivity platforms facilitate internal communication and, thus, provide the team with a greater sense of direction. Everyone can understand what to do, when, and how to do it. Therefore, the lack of focus is no longer a reason for poor performance, allowing the manager to charge for results that lead the business to grow.

Elimination Of Errors And Daily Problems

Finally, it is necessary to remember that one of the primary productivity reductions is the number of errors, conflicts, and accidents during working hours. When processes do not occur with quality, the number of failures increases, and productivity drops.

In this case, the digital tool can significantly help the company. It contributes to establishing and executing quality processes. It often makes clear that step by step, that must be followed by the talents to reach success.

It is still necessary to highlight the increasing automation. Much of the manual work is being leveraged by the work of machines or systems, making the number of errors throughout the day smaller. In this case, the company is the primary beneficiary.

What Are The Benefits Of The Productivity Platform?

Throughout the article, it has already been possible to identify many benefits, such as greater team alignment. But there are still others that can be highlighted. With the productivity platform, it is possible to grow much more.

Especially today, the growth of most companies has slowed down. This is a result of a weakened economy. However, the growth and success of a company do not depend only on the economy but also on its performance.

Implementing state-of-the-art technology is the first step towards high performance and, therefore, vigorous growth. This growth can be expressed in different ways, such as an increase in revenue, profitability, the number of active customers, or the number of investors interested in the business.

In general, having a productivity platform is essential. If you still need to do this, ensure your competition does and that your business is losing market. Whether it’s warehouse control (WMS), customer relationship management (CRM), or administration (ERP) software, you’ll undoubtedly need a productivity platform to bring your business to life.

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