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Customer Prospecting Tools To Use In Your B2B Company

Customer Prospecting Tools: Prospecting customers is a challenging activity. It consists of contacting prospects several times, nurturing a good customer relationship, and setting up meetings with many reps until you finally close a deal.

These contacts can be made in different ways, whether through phone calls, emails, LinkedIn, or other forms of active prospecting that your company uses. The main one is using prospecting tools.

However, being able to control and manage all stages of customer prospecting can be very complicated and demand a lot from all the employees involved.

That’s why having good prospecting tools is so important. With them, your team can automate tasks, perform efficient management, and quickly develop complete and updated reports.

In this article, we’ll talk about the main customer prospecting tools to use in your company and be able to leverage your results. Customer prospecting tools to use in your B2B company.

What Is The Importance Of Using Customer Prospecting Tools?

Relying on the help of customer prospecting tools can bring many benefits to your sales team.

One of the main advantages of using customer prospecting tools, which makes them so important for your company, is the automation of processes. Through it, it is possible to perform tasks that were previously done manually in an automated way.

Thus, your team’s productivity increases thanks to the possibility of doing more activities in less time and requiring less of your employees.

Another reason to have customer prospecting tools is that, thanks to automation, the chances of errors are lower, decreasing the number of reworks.

Customer Prospecting Tools

Now, let’s get to know some of the leading customer prospecting tools available on the market and how they can help your company achieve the best results.


CRM is the primary tool that your commercial team will use to prospect and nurture customers. The acronym CRM means Customer Relationship Management; in Portuguese, it can be translated as Customer Relationship Management.

This tool can categorize and identify the leads added to the platform, allowing your team to communicate and adequately nurture each one of them, always looking for the best results.

Once prospects are introduced to your CRM, salespeople will start contacting them to discover their pain points and real needs.

With this, they can determine if their business’s solution fits the problems the customer wants to solve.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A valuable tool for prospecting customers is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which is a tool provided by LinkedIn itself.

The tool uses artificial intelligence to collect and compare user and company-generated information.

Thus, LinkedIn Sales Navigator can indicate which users have the characteristics that match your ideal customer profile.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an excellent B2B Marketing strategy, that is, Business-to-business, when a company wants to sell a product or service to another company. That’s because the decision makers of companies are indeed present on LinkedIn, and you can use it to create a relationship with them and, in the future, convert them into customers.

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools work closely with content marketing, SEO, and email marketing.

Marketing automation software helps your company send customers all the different content developed by your company, such as e-books, blogs, infographics, newsletters, email marketing, etc. 

As these customers access resources, they become more qualified until they become “hot leads” and are sent to your CRM, where the sales team will work on them.

B2B Lead Capture Tool

Other handy tools are those for capturing contacts, which must be done actively; that is, the salesperson goes to the customer.

Lead prospecting tools can help you identify more sales leads for your business through colder leads. Some also organize and optimize the entire process of nurturing these leads.

Business Intelligence Tools

Finally, we have business intelligence tools. To prospect assertively, it is necessary to be aware of market behavior. 

Thanks to technological advances and improved market intelligence, we can now count on platforms that provide the necessary information for better performance of the commercial process.

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