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Benefits Of Adopting Artificial Intelligence

What are the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence? Much more than a trend, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a reality and not quite like in Steven Spielberg’s AI movie.

According to IBM, Artificial Intelligence is the concept that machines can be taught to mimic human processes, such as making decisions or behaviors. The term is from 1955 and was coined by Merriam-Webster.

Artificial Intelligence is part of everyday life. It’s in your cell phone’s spell checker, in the GPS you use to find out how to get to a different address, in your cell phone’s voice command, and in that social network that recognizes faces and tags your friends in photos.

In addition to already being present in our lives, AI can be a handy tool for business and will be increasingly used as a strategic resource for companies. It can identify and anticipate markets, forecast sales, classify and personalize customer service, and even automate this step.

Advantages Of Adopting Artificial Intelligence

Betting on Artificial Intelligence is an investment that will bring significant benefits to your business. Among the benefits of adopting this feature are:

  • Cost reduction: despite the initial cost of implementation, using Artificial Intelligence will result in more accurate data collection, error reduction, and application of better solutions.
  • Agility: Algorithms collect and process information infinitely faster than manually collected data. Thus, decision-making and problem-solving are optimized.
  • Efficiency: Adopting Artificial Intelligence to solve more straightforward problems frees up human labor to deal with issues that are complex and require emotional intelligence to do so. So, for example, chatbots can answer frequently asked questions, while human beings make calls that are more complex and that machine learning is not yet able to handle.

The Pillars For The Adoption Of Artificial Intelligence

Before adopting Artificial Intelligence in your company, you need to understand the real needs of the business, employees, and customers. Among some pillars to consider when adopting this resource are the qualified team to implement this type of project, data quality, and the right tools for processing this information.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Artificial Intelligence:

Qualified Team

Finding qualified and engaged employees in the area is one of the biggest challenges when implementing this project. Before investing in this resource, have data scientists and other highly skilled technology professionals on your team who can communicate the culture and need for AI to the rest.

Another point to consider about the team is the generation of jobs. Yes, the trend is for Artificial Intelligence to eliminate repetitive functions. Still, according to the Rock Content blog, researchers such as Susan Lund and James from the McKinsey Global Institute claim that technology will generate new jobs.

The important thing is to align expectations when deploying Artificial Intelligence tools and understand it as an extra resource to optimize the business’s technological and human potential.

Adequate Data

If the data your company stores is not collected and stored with criteria and qualities, the result can be inefficient when putting Artificial Intelligence to work with it.

Also, choose cases relevant to the business to be evaluated and potentially resolved by AI. It is also essential to consider what kind of experience the company wants to provide customers with tools such as chatbots and constantly evaluate results and what can be improved.

High-Performance Data Platform

If the team is qualified and the data is of quality, the third element for Artificial Intelligence to work is a high-performance data processing platform.

Thus, it is possible to create more and more models to analyze complex data in greater quantities, with faster and more adequate results. Effects are high-value predictions leading to better decisions and innovative actions in real-time.

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