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Cloud Storage: How To Apply It In Project Management

Do you know cloud storage and its advantages in project management? Cloud computing is a promising technology. Through it, several users can access and share content from remote servers.

At this point, you might wonder what this type of storage has to do with project management. The answer is that investing in this technology can increase the team’s productivity and improve costs, facilitating the manager’s work.

If you want to understand more about the subject and learn how to apply this solution in your company, keep reading this content!

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a service model that enables data storage and transfers via the Internet using an external system maintained by third parties. Currently, several companies are offering this service to both organizations and individuals.

In the case of organizations, this service is attractive because of the possibility of outsourcing the responsibility for storing data and always having a safe backup at hand. In addition, the system is scalable, adapting to different needs by hiring more space whenever necessary.

There are three main models:

  • public cloud data storage service: ideal for unstructured data ;
  • private cloud storage service: protection and redundancy to ensure information security;
  • hybrid cloud: combines the two benefits for greater flexibility.

How Does Cloud Storage Work?

This model is provided on demand, and its data can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It also eliminates the need for companies to buy and manage their physical structures.

The external supplier is responsible for all storage and structure creation so that the data is accessible when the customer requests it, maintaining its reliability, integrity, and availability (CID).

Before implementing this system, the manager needs to verify information such as:

  • How much company data?
  • Do potential providers offer technical support?
  • What are the security guarantees?
  • What is the demand of project managers?
  • How much money is available for this type of investment?

After this analysis, it will be possible to identify the most suitable system.

What Are The Benefits Of This Technology?

Company managers already recognize the need and importance of using new technologies. However, many end up postponing this change for not recognizing its benefits. Check out some of them below.

Investment Cost

With cloud storage, it is unnecessary to purchase robust hardware to store unlimited data. In the case of the online system, it is possible to subscribe or cancel plans according to the data capacity; that is, there is no need to invest in or maintain expensive and complex systems.

Deployment Time

Some companies have an extensive IT team, but others have only one or two employees dedicated to this function. Thus, by outsourcing this storage, professionals can only be responsible for managing and making information available without the need to take care of their servers.

Availability Of Information

Cloud storage also allows the information to be accessed and managed by multiple managers simultaneously. This way, it will be possible to divide information, block data, and execute tasks without depending on a chain to manage this content.

What Is The Importance Of Cloud Computing In Project Management?

Cloud storage facilitates data access for multiple teams, including project management. This technology allows the person in charge to control the data and the team, enabling employees to work on a single file simultaneously.

Check out other benefits and see how to apply them in management.

Increase In Productivity

Centralizing information in a single location increases the team’s production as it can access everything necessary to perform a task. When this data is divided between teams or managers, there is a need to always ask for it to be made available, and this can block flows and delay the delivery of projects.

Plus, employees will have peace of mind about managing their data as they won’t have to worry about backups, file sizes, or software updates.

More Management Involvement

It is essential to involve top management in the processes to verify the progress of the steps. If this information is stored in internal systems, it is impossible to view it on a business trip or an external meeting. Therefore, cloud storage facilitates the involvement and, consequently, the success of the projects developed by the teams.

Greater Information Security

As we have already said, information security is critical in companies. Imagine the possibility of a project being hacked or copied if the data is disclosed. by this; all caution is little.

The company needs to invest heavily to have internal systems that can meet this demand. However, this is optional when using cloud storage. External servers have immense physical methods and specific protocols for each possibility of improper access. Therefore, when outsourcing, it is possible to save without giving up security.

Automatic Synchronization

In project management, many people are involved in a single process. Thus, it is necessary to use resources, such as cloud computing, which facilitate automatic synchronization and change management.

If the changes are synchronized and identifiable, it will be possible to control them, impacting the entire progress of the project. So this is another benefit of this technology, which allows you to manage multiple document changes, centralizing everything in just one version.

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