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Understand The Concept Of Task Management

Task Management: The productivity of companies is closely linked to the ability to manage tasks. The better the organization of activities and management, the more positive results are obtained.

In addition to bringing a series of benefits, this management can also become a competitive differential. 

In the organizational context, it is also reflected in the reduction of difficulties for the project’s smooth running. No employee is overloaded, as there is an intelligent distribution of tasks. 

The team leader manages to monitor subordinates more closely and thus helps them overcome any barriers. In the following article, we will present the task management concept and suggest online tools to put it into practice. 

Task Management: Understand The Concept

In day-to-day organizations, having mechanisms and tools to manage tasks brings advantages and satisfactory results. To choose the tools that best meet the company’s needs, it is necessary to understand what tasks are and know exactly what is and what is not.

What Are Tasks?

Many people confuse processes with tasks. Although they are interrelated, there is a difference between these two concepts. While processes are sequential activities that have a previously established beginning and end, tasks are the details that involve these processes. 

These tasks show the interdependent activities required for the process to run. They also point out the ideal workflow for the process steps. 

To exemplify this difference, imagine a cake recipe. The process is making the cake. The tasks involved are buying the ingredients, making the proper mixtures, choosing the baking pan, making the topping, and taking it out of the oven at the right time.

What Is Task Management? 

Applying this concept to your organization, managing tasks ensures that each process step is performed excellently. For this, it is necessary to identify the interdependent activities that need to be done. Finally, determine the pace of work that ensures the fluidity of the tasks part of this process.

To understand this more clearly, imagine that a marketing plan has been established to improve your company’s communication effectiveness. Is anything more frustrating than realizing that many planned actions were not put into practice? Several reasons may have led to the failure to carry out the activities. 

Good management of tasks contributes to the actions being carried out or understanding why one or another was not done. Leadership is about organizing and closely monitoring each stage of the process, ensuring that they are carried out as imagined. 

Task management planning distributes responsibilities among team members and sets deadlines.   

Online Task Management Tools

Choosing task management tools appropriately requires study and analysis. Knowing the tasks, processes, and ideal workflow is essential to choose the best option. When choosing a task management tool, it is vital to consider three factors:


See user reviews of the tool. Analyze how the developer company handles system errors and complaints. Give preference to companies that deal better with these issues to avoid conflicts in the future. 

Ease Of Use

It is essential to choose a tool accessible to everyone in the organization.

Solutions Offered

See how this tool can optimize your team’s process and tasks. Calculate the cost/benefit before choosing.

Check out some online tools for you to manage your company’s tasks with excellence and assertiveness :


This tool is ideal for organizations that want to distribute tasks and avoid overloading employees. It allows you to measure the ones with the highest and lowest priority and establish daily, weekly or monthly goals. Noetiid also brings information and statistics that contribute to the management of team productivity, such as data on time spent on tasks.


This tool is ideal for anyone who wants to manage customer information and other contacts. High-rise is like a professional agenda that allows users to have a history with files and images accessible anywhere, anytime.

Run run. it

This tool is ideal for delegating tasks, managing teams, and following up on work progress. Unlike High-rise and Noetiid, Run run. It follows the Freemium model.

In its free version, the user can use 100MB of storage space and register up to five users. The paid version offers other storage limits, allowing the registration of up to 100 users.


This tool is ideal for anyone who works with service delivery. Here, you can structure activities according to projects and create targeted tasks for each responsible employee. Like, Asana offers free and paid versions.


One of the best-known tools when it comes to task management, Trello has a simple and very intuitive design. Very easy to use, it allows teams to adapt quickly. The task board is divided into stages to deliver an overview of what is being developed. 

The program has small cards that allow you to separate tasks by different statuses: “to do,” “in progress,” and “completed.” It is a tool that gives you greater control over each step and activity.  


One of the significant advantages of Evernote is that it offers several visual resources, making it easier to share notes and ideas. Images can be attached to tasks to make it easier to understand how they should be performed. 

Another advantage is that this tool allows document scanning. It is also possible to save pages or internet addresses for later consultation—a practical way to avoid losing those essential instructions to continue your activities. 


A complete task management software. It has features ranging from project management to financial management, including business intelligence tools. 

This software has customized workflows for task management to meet different needs. It also has an activity control system that allows different visualization types; it can be in boards, Kanban, lists, or Gantt. 

Microsoft OneNote

This tool’s significant differential is the integration with other Microsoft programs and tools. Tasks can be organized into blocks, allowing greater control over the team’s production. It also helps to highlight which activities need to be prioritized. It also allows you to add various media files to cards.

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