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How To Use Pinterest For Your Business?

Pinterest: Fashion, cooking, travel, design, decoration, DIY (do it yourself) and thousands of other subjects. All this can be easily found on the famous Pinterest.

And, for us, likely, you’ve already bumped into this social network and spent a reasonable amount of time admiring those beautiful images. You can be honest; we know that. We even do the same, see?

If you’ve come this far and have no idea what we’re talking about, don’t worry! In this article, we will explain how this platform works and the best: how it can contribute (and a lot) to your business.

That’s right; you did not misread! After all, anyone who thinks that Pinterest is just a space for looking for inspiration is wrong. On the contrary: if used correctly, it can be a strong ally in your company’s digital marketing strategies, influencing users’ purchasing decisions and ensuring a closer relationship between the public and the brand. I bet you were curious and wanted to know more, huh? So come with us!

What Is Pinterest?

With over 400 million users, Pinterest is a free, online photo-sharing social network . In it, you can publish images on your profile and follow accounts of your interest. In addition, the platform allows the creation of folders (public or private) so that users can save everything they want. Created in 2010, today, it is considered one of the most significant visual search engines globally.

How To Use Pinterest In Favor Of Business?

Before we get into this issue, keep in mind that Pinterest has also become a great business platform, and that’s when companies noticed an immense potential for promoting their services. Result: To follow this movement, Pinterest itself developed specific features for the world of enterprise.

But why are we saying all this? Simple: so you know what opportunities should be taken advantage of, and if your business is not yet present on this social network, maybe it’s time to think about it. For this reason, we have separated a list of some of the main benefits that it can offer your company:

Most Present Brand On The Internet

How about gaining more visibility and reaching a more significant number of people? You can be sure that Pinterest is an excellent opportunity for your business to grow. Upon entering the platform, you can customize your account with your logo, website link and relevant public information.

Creation Of Categories

Each published content can be separated into folders and divided into categories. By doing this, the information is much more organized in the eyes of the potential consumer.

Increase In Traffic

Next to the pin (image or video), it is possible to insert a description (title, value, positive points to purchase the product, etc.), as well as a redirection link of your choice (website or virtual store, for example). When clicking, the user is then taken to this new page, an aspect that can significantly contribute to increased sales.

Customer Conversion

Many people use Pinterest at the beginning of the shopping process when still in the research phase for a specific item. And this is one of the times when your business needs to stand out from the competition. Hence the importance of betting on engaging and quality content to draw the consumer’s attention.

Free Brand Promotion

In the search for references, inspirations or products, users discover new brands within the platform. But, in addition to outlining strategies to reach this new audience, you also need to approach those who already have the habit of buying from your business.

This contact can directly influence users’ purchasing decisions and even provide more significant interaction with the content if done correctly. From this, the consumer can share the publications with friends on the network and help in the free promotion of their venture.

Did you see it? With so many advantages, now there is no doubt that your business needs to be present on Pinterest, right? When you create your corporate account, you have access to several features: analytics, advertisements, promotions, audience information and content.

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