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IoT: Controlling Your Business Whenever And Wherever You Are

Business: Nowadays, it is possible to get information or give commands on the most objects through the internet: controlling lights or air conditioning units in a home or building, transfer of data from your smartwatch to an application on mobile, or the alert message sent to those in charge of maintenance when equipment is at risk of failure.

Simply put, we can say that it is technology at the service of a more efficient life. In English, this is the Internet of Things or IoT (Internet of Things). The intelligent weather station business model brilliantly exploits the product’s connection opportunities to create a valuable weather sensor network. First of all, it was able to enrich its customer segments beyond meteorology enthusiasts and reach weather forecasting companies, energy companies, household appliances… Then we saw how it leveraged the new channel created by connecting for – selling, cross-selling, and providing a channel to their partners and corporate clients. Plus, joining is a great way to build a fast and satisfying customer relationship.

In the critical resource block, they have created valuable new assets, and in the key activities, they need special skills. In the crucial partner block, they have made profitable deals with partners and have limited outsourcing to possess valuable knowledge. It has been developing a solution to control air conditioners via the internet with an innovative and enterprising look. Accessibility, customization, security, availability. These are the main benefits of remote air conditioning control solution, which strategically thinks about electrical energy consumption and extends the appliances’ useful life.

When identifying incidents presenting a power outage problem outside of business hours and causing inconvenience, the alarm was triggered for the person in charge. Still, he would have to go to the company to restart the equipment, often inconvenient times. So, we thought of eliminating this annoyance and creating an air conditioning control that can be accessed from anywhere.

How It Works

It has a logical part that controls the temperature according to the schedule, being able to customize the days that it will work, schedules, if there is more than one equipment, it is possible to switch the hours of operation between this equipment, being able to be with two, three or how many air conditioners does the company have. In case of failure of any of them, the temperature increase is detected. The system will automatically switch to another equipment to work in its place, even if it is programmed for a different time. It is possible to make this overlapping of rules in advance to act according to the seriousness of the situation.


Experts also explains that, in addition to the air-conditioned rooms that are so necessary for computer environments, this solution can evolve its applicability to different situations, from a food store that needs constant refrigeration to prevent its stocks from being lost to a high-end housing luxury where the air conditioning can automatically activate when it detects a temperature increase in some predefined area of ​​the residence.

Greater Benefits 

It also offers high customization of equipment and safety rules, configuring the operation of the air conditioning as you want, even alternating between various equipment. It provides security, as it quickly warns of any problem, avoiding unpleasant surprises for those who need temperature control to avoid losing business. Finally, the convenience of controlling this equipment from wherever you are, avoiding the need to travel to the equipment’s physical control center and, possibly, possible dangers in doing it late at night.

The Most Innovative Solution 

The ease of configuration and use of this solution means no need for a VPN to gain access to the control. Everything is straightforward to configure; anyone without excellent computer knowledge can handle it. The accessibility that this solution provides is something that no other similar solution offers.

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